"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


It used to be the case that switching the ARC category resets the clock on APRC. You may have 1 year left on current ARC category, but it could be reset to however many years are needed for EGC holders. Better confirm this before applying.


Go to NIA and ask for an evaluation of your case. You might be pleasantly surprised and it leaves out all guesswork.



I’m writing an appeal to MOL and MOC because someone in the MOL deems that I’m not qualified.


All the best! Hope it works out!


Thank you!
I too hope for the best.


Got the call this morning that the card has arrived in New York for pickup (they also offered to send it up here for $25 in a money order, which is probably what I’ll do instead of another trip down there). Much shorter production and transit time than the official guidelines, so I’ll be able to enter Taiwan on an ARC in October. It’s just a really good feeling. :slight_smile:


Here my timeline:

Section : Economy, with the salary requirement

Documents submitted online :

  • Passport
  • Proof of employment (US)
  • Bank statement of the 3 last months showing my salary


  • 2018/08/19 (Sunday Night): Submitting Application
  • 2018/08/20 (Monday 09:00 AM): Under inspection
  • 2018/08/20 (Monday 10:34 AM): Requests Missing informations
  • 2018/08/20 (Monday 12:00 PM): Resubmitted the requested infromations.
  • 2018/08/21 (Tuesday 10:40 AM): Photo not valid (dang they should write the required minimum size in the first time submission. Photo needs to be more than 531*413 pixels if that’s useful)
  • 2018/08/21 (Tuesday 10:45 AM): Resubmitted
  • 2018/08/22 (Wednesday 12:00 PM): From “Under inspection” to “Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency”
  • 2018/08/29 (Wednesday 8:00 PM): Received email for passport submission, status changed to “Passport Submission by Bureau of Consular Affairs or Overseas Missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan)”
  • 2018/08/30 (Thursday Morning): Went to Bureau of Consular Affairs and gave the notice with my passport. Got a receipt saying I have to come back the 6th september. They should try to improve the waiting times , but it’s like this for any government agencies worldwide.

Now I am waiting to get my passport back? Some people mentionned the “Approved” email. But I didn’t received any email explicitely saying I’m approved? cc @ironlady @irish91

Edit: As I understand the chart, you only get a definitive approval after the passport check is done :


As I’ve read this thread, I’ve been quite supportive of the Gold Card initiative, even though it is not something that would benefit me personally. But when I start to see posts like this—from a poster who states that s/he initiated the process on the evening of August 19!—I am starting to reconsider. Unless we want a new thread called “Ugly Gold Carders,” which is something honestly I could do without.



I agree, I removed the bad part


Wow, I’m very envious of the gold card holders yet.
I’m still undergoing appealing to the Ministry of Culture.
I do have a gut feeling that my appeal is going down the drain.


I’m in an appeal as well on another issue not related to the gold card.
They will drag it out and drag it out in hopes of exhausting you and hoping you will go away. In my case they have dragged it out over a year using technicalities and straight out ignoring my letters. I had to get the control yuan involved to move it forward and the original agency found yet another technicality to deny me

I hope you appealed using Chinese and their special appeal form or it will get rejected for those two reasons, 3 months later as they will sit on it. I’m going to go to court if it gets rejected again, its a $2000 court fee so not too expensive and they will provide a translator free.

Taiwan to make English official second Language

Made a phone call to MOC
My case is pretty unique to them as they haven’t encountered it.


That is the main problem with these, I think – the program is so new, no one knows how to handle it, and there’s nothing that makes a career bureaucrat more nervous than not having written guidance from above on what to do.

I applied July 25 (finally managed to make the online form take the earlier dates; I’d started trying in April, I think)
Paid fee July 26
“Bring in yer passport" email: July 30
Actually got down to New York August 7
“Congratulations, your card’s on the way, could be 20 working days” email: August 20
“Come get your card” phone call: August 29.
Actually going to have it sent up here, so I’m juggling the postal money order (Really, TECO??) for $25 (Really, TECO?? Stick the damn thing into a flat-rate Express Mail document envelope and it’s less than $10 including a bit for your trouble.)


that is pretty true
sports broadcasting is not a mainstream pop culture and neither it is a sporting event.
It is stuck in between the both.

I can’t accept that the fact that I was rejected because my industry doesn’t fit into the program.

I do have half a mind to drag in William Lai to this.


Bro, I feel you but I suggest you find another way to get yourself here - like coming on a student visa for instance…

This card is directed at certain industries that the government wants to see developed, for better or for worse that’s another issue… but if you don’t “fit in” to their criteria appealing ain’t gonna be too much use I think…

This policy is modeled on SG’s PEP:

which is really aimed at high end talent… not saying you aren’t qualified but if the best offer you can get is 35k NTD then probably not the right demographic…


well, let see what MOC have to say about it.

I did write my appeal letter in Chinese (which is a pain in the arse to put it in a correct manner and tone) and English. I too made countless of phone calls to the ministry to see what is the update and whatsnot.


Hi all,

Given the interest in this thread, would anyone be interested in joining a video conference Q&A about the gold card application process?

We could get a few people who’ve made it through to volunteer to answer questions, or share information about the hoops they jumped through to get the card.

  • Yes, I want to participate
  • Yes, I volunteer to talk
  • No thanks, stick to the forum

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@ironlady As you are applying from the U.S., are you actually able to complete the process and pick up the card at TECO?

I ask because I am applying from the U.S. as well and received the email notification to bring in my passport. I took it in today, but I think I am the first one to go through the process here in this city. They offered to give me a certified copy of my passport page to take to Taiwan to finish the application there, but I told them I thought there was a way to complete the process through TECO here. I didn’t push further because I felt like I needed to gather some more information and confirm my understanding first. I also work right nearby the TECO office, so going back multiple times is not an issue. I may check with TECO New York on the process if that’s where you went.


Yes, I did everything in the US. And the NY office did indeed try to get me to take an authenticated copy of my passport to somewhere in Taiwan (they didn’t really know where). I ended up waiting a week or so while they got guidance from Taipei, but in the end I don’t even have to go back down there to pick the finished card up. Though their postage calculations are definitely in TECO’s favor…but it’s still cheaper than going back.


Thanks for the info. I contacted the consular division in New York and they said they were sending the information over to the TECO office here.