"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


Do you mind if I ask which office? I’m planning to give the authorities some aggregated data about the different TECOs around the world with respect to Gold Card awareness.


Singapore office have no idea about it.
I gotta explain to the Taiwanese folks where a Singaporean like me knows more than the TECO office.


This was for the TECO office in Chicago. They are aware of the process now. They’ve approved my passport and are waiting to receive the card now.


Got my gold card this week! Here the updated detailed timeline :

  • 2018/08/19 (Sunday Night): Submitting Application
  • 2018/08/20 (Monday 09:00 AM): Under inspection
  • 2018/08/20 (Monday 10:34 AM): Requests Missing informations
  • 2018/08/20 (Monday 12:00 PM): Resubmitted the requested informations.
  • 2018/08/21 (Tuesday 10:40 AM): Photo not valid
  • 2018/08/21 (Tuesday 10:45 AM): Resubmitted
  • 2018/08/22 (Wednesday 12:00 PM): From “Under inspection” to “Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency”
  • 2018/08/29 (Wednesday 8:00 PM): Received email for passport submission, status changed to “Passport Submission by Bureau of Consular Affairs or Overseas Missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan)”
  • 2018/08/30 (Thursday Morning): Went to Bureau of Consular Affairs and gave the notice with my passport. Got a receipt saying I have to come back the 6th September.
  • 2018/09/03 (Monday Afternoon): Email confirming my application has been approved! Status on the website: IC Card in Production
  • 2018/09/04 (Tuesday Morning): Email saying Certificate (I guess Gold card?) is finished. I can go take it but need to print the receipt and show my passport to get it.
  • 2018/09/06 (Wednesday Morning): Went to get back my passport at the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Then headed to the NIA to get my Gold card. At the entrance, go directly at the left counters delivering ARCs. After about 1 hour call, they told me they have lost it and asked me to come the day after
  • 2018/09/07 (Thursday Morning): Received my gold card :tada::tada:! I’ve also asked them how many they have delivered , and the guy told me about 30. what feel a lot lower than what I’ve heard previously?

Super pump to have got it! good luck to anyone else trying :slight_smile:


congrats on it!
I’m still waiting for MOC’s response
gonna call them next week again. am calling them every week to check on answers


I’m still waiting to receive the “FedEx” mailer with my card in it…I mailed them the money order 10 days ago. That seems…a long time for an overnight service. In a place where mail delivery would have been a 1 day thing anyway.


Hehe… are you applying US efficiency norms to anything involving Taiwanese Government agencies ? :slightly_smiling_face:it’s hit or miss , sometimes it’s great , sometimes not so great . Ease yourself in gently back to Taiwan :yum:


Have no idea what this means. US is so inefficient, it takes months or years (yes, years) to do anything related to immigration. Is it a joke?


Anyone else received an email like this today?









國家發展委員會 敬邀

Employment Gold Card Issuance Ceremony and Reception

Invitation Letter

Dear Employment Gold Card Holder,

The Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals officially entered into effect on February 8, 2018, marking a milestone in Taiwan’s talent recruitment. In addition to relaxing visa, employment and residency regulations for foreign professionals, and enhancing their insurance, tax, and retirement treatment, the Foreign Professionals Act established a 4-in-1 “Employment Gold Card” that combines work permit, resident visa, ARC and re-entry permit, to attract foreign special professionals needed for Taiwan’s development. Employment Gold Card holders can freely seek or change employment without needing to apply through an employer, and enjoy other benefits such as paying less tax upon first-time approval to work in Taiwan.

To boost publicity of how the Act is being put into effect, the NDC will hold an Employment Gold Card Issuance Ceremony and Reception on October 4, 2018 (agenda as attached). We earnestly invite all Employment Gold Card holders to attend this gathering together with those who are to be issued with cards. We are also inviting attendance from foreign embassies, representative offices and chambers of commerce, as well as by the heads of related government departments and members of the media. By providing an opportunity for exchange of views among all concerned, we hope to gain a better understanding of the value of these cards to their holders as well as any problems that still need to be addressed, and to gather suggestions as to how we might be able to improve the effectiveness of our talent recruitment policy in the future.

Since you have already obtained the Employment Gold Card, we sincerely hope you can join this gathering to share your experience of this concrete result of Taiwan’s talent recruitment and retention policy. To facilitate the arrangements, please let us know whether or not you will be able to attend. We thank you to RSVP within 10 days of receiving this letter, to Ms. Liao by phone to 02-2316-5401 or email to rainiemily@ndc.gov.tw.

Yours sincerely,

National Development Council


Yep. Might stop by as I will actually be in Taiwan at that point.


I’d be interested too in knowing what people are doing with the gold card open work permit. Are people working in Taiwan for local companies? Freelance or self-employed? Working in Taiwan for companies located overseas?


Can gold card holders actually be self-employed?

I mean, technically it is an open work permit for the duration of the card therefore it certainly is possible and legal, but as I have seen from various news releases and articles, the purpose of the gold card is to allow holders to work for local companies and/or startups that may not otherwise have qualified to hire foreign talent, thereby boosting Taiwan’s economy etc…

Taken in that context, if someone were to apply and get approved for the gold card and be self-employed for the entire duration of the card, would he qualify for reapplication or be able to apply for an APRC when the time comes?


Can we do a roll call to see who’s actually got the card? I gave up after being fed up with the constantly changing goal posts, unclear requirements, and poor UI


Regarding the question on who has the Gold Card:

Official numbers as of July 31:


Permanent residents: 14,448
Permanent residents under age 15: 21

Work permits

Foreign professionals: 30,018
Special foreign professionals: 44
Freelance artists: 11
Work permits issued to adult children: 19

The media reported in mid-August that 68 Employment Gold Cards had been issued. That means that there are now at least 68 special foreign professionals.

As for the question of receiving an APRC the New Economic Immigration Bill proposes lowering the residence requirement for permanent residence from five years to three for special foreign professionals.
Although i’m unsure of the requirements for this.


Wait a second – no Senior FP’s?


I guess not… as of July 31st anyway.

Forward Taiwan provided these statistics. They promote immigration reform.


For those who read chinese

The number comes from statistics page of ministry of labor.

Under 外籍工作者




still a no go for mine

I dunno how am I going to go around it.

I dunno how can I going to go past the requirements


I just saw it today. It ended up in my SPAM folder somehow.
I would love to go but it will cost me a return HSR ticket and I doubt they will reimburse. Anyone else going ?


I’ll be there