"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


Anything people would like to talk about? I believe the end goal of that gold card is to help Taiwanese economy, but I guess someone new in that country could take months to figure out his/her next step?

  • I was thinking to have easier access to some gov resources, that could help/encourage entrepreneurship, or understand better where is Taiwan at?
  • Also, I didn’t see any decent job boards or networking opportunities (saw that one that do not look really convincing). Something like a newsletter you could opt-out/opt-in anytime could be great!


Got my gold card recently too! Overall I’d say it is a remarkably easy process if you fit in the stated criteria. The contacts on the websites mentioned above were responsive to questions and doubts. There are some rough edges but I’ve had much worse experience with residency processes in other countries. Looking forward to a new chapter of life here!

On the application form, be sure to put your TW address in Chinese. It’s not obvious, and you don’t have to fill anything else in Chinese, but they’ll send it back for modification if you try to input your address in English.

I applied via the Technology route. My application was in review for 24 days before they asked for my passport. Dropped it off then picked up my passport 7 days later, and the gold card was ready the following day.

Regarding my earlier questions about spouse eligibility for residency: spouses of foreign resident ARC holders (including Gold Card holders) can apply for residency on basis of marriage (this is not new). But take note of the requirements, which include having your marriage certificate legalized by the appropriate TW embassy, and also your spouse must enter the country on a visa (unlike the gold card, you may struggle to convert convert your spouse’s visa-free entry to ARC). It looks like they are going to improve this though, as the new draft immigration bill posted above addresses this point specifically, allowing spouse visa-free entry to be converted to Resident Visa without leaving the country, which then allows you to apply for an ARC.


I’ve also received mine (three days before my departure date, but as long as it’s on this side of the line and not the other one…and it seems that it was the fault of the US Postal Service, not the TECO office, for the most part).



The appeal was denied?



It was denied as MOC deems that sports broadcasting wasn’t in their plan

I got stuck between sports and moc


Is there data on where gold card holders are employed? I would be interested in knowing more about what people are doing with the cards.


Got Another email from them yesterday :





時間:2018年10月4日 下午14:00


Dear sir/madam, hello!

The long-awaited “Employment Gold Card Issuance Ceremony and Reception” will finally be held as scheduled on this Thursday! The tea reception will be held in a relaxed and enjoyable way. If you are willing to share your thoughts and experiences with us, we wish you to share your experience of the following questions in about 3 minutes:

1. What is your plan of working or starting a business in Taiwan? What is the biggest benefit you’ve got after receiving the Employment Gold Card?
2. What made you come to Taiwan to work?
3. Why do you like Taiwan? Is there any experience that touches you?

Thank you again for taking your time to attend the tea reception and we look forward to your visit.

Time: October 4th, 2018, 14:00 pm
Venue: Conference Room B136-138, National Development Council (No.3 Baoqing Road, Taipei City 10020, Taiwan(R.O.C.))

National Development Council


It doesn’t seem like they are interested to hear about the problems with Gold Card.


Well of course not, they want you to give them some face instead :smile: Look, look, the foreigner likes Taiwan!


But then you get looked at like an alien when you tell them why you like Taiwan

I like the weather… reply Taiwan is too hot
Reply…the salary here is not good compared to your country
I like the pace of life… reply really?? It’s so busy here.
I find the country beautiful. Reply… your country is more beautiful.

You’ve been here for years? You won’t go home ?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I don’t the the NDC is trying to gain face (maybe I’m wrong). I think they are trying to get a sense of how—if at all—things are working with the Gold Card scheme, and this is their attempt to get some early data points.

If anyone goes to this event, do let us know what happens.



Humility is a virtue.


That’s more like self loathing to me but meh


I had big issues trying to bring my family in under an investor visa. Turns out the paperwork requirements for me, the investor, are fairly easy. Of course no one working in BOCA or MOFA has a clue so they said the paperwork I have is all fine.

I received my visa and my family, too. When we went to apply for our ARCs we were told a completely different story. The family’s documentation requirements were “different.”

I had to call in my connections to get it done. When push came to shove, NIA gave in and waved some silly requirements.

As you experienced, no one is familiar with these new programs. And in Taiwan it seems that “no” is the answer for anything people don’t understand.


Has anyone with the gold ARC and no employer registered for health insurance with the NHI? I see inconclusive information in this thread that suggests either one can get health insurance immediately with the gold card, or one has to wait 6 months without leaving Taiwan more than once and not for more than 30 days on that departure, which adds to the 6 months in Taiwan requirement… is it now known whether NHI eligibility is immediate for self-employment?

I should receive my gold ARC this week and am trying to workout travel plans. I have no employer as of yet and was planning to do consulting work.


I have the same question about NHI. I was told I can get it as soon as I get my ARC. But when I went to NHI they said I had to wait 6 months.

My international health insurance policy is about to expire. I don’t want to renew it as the company now has a reputation of not paying claims.

I haven’t started (moved) my company to Taiwan yet. I wonder if I have an actual company I can get it right away?

My US health insurance is pretty much useless. I can’t even use it in another state - much less overseas (where the cost is a fraction!).


Hi All,

Here are two things I cannot find online about the program. If anyone knows please advise. I also emailed my local Taiwan consulate with these.

  1. If I get approved for a 3-year Visa under this program, does the 3-year period begin the day I’m approved/accepted? Or does it begin when I first land in Taiwan to begin my stay?

  2. How far ahead of my expected travel to Taiwan can I get the Gold Card approval? Do I have to land in Taiwan by a certain date or time period once I get the Visa approved? For exaple, if I plan to move to Taiwan in May 2019, when should I apply for the Gold Card program to allow time for processing?



  1. Once the Gold Card is approved the card is printed with the expiry date of 3 years from date of approval.

  2. I don’t believe you need to enter by any time period. I got approval from my home country, received a PDF that I downloaded and printed to show border control on arrival. It took me 1 month from approval to get organised and relocate to Taiwan. It didn’t state any “enter by date” etc. When I landed in Taiwan I collected the Gold Card from the NIA Office.

Applying early is best in my opinion, that way you allow time for being asked to provide more information. If it does get approved quickly then your 3 years will start from the time of approval… maybe you can ask NIA if you can specify a certain start date.



Anyone going today at the ceremony this afternoon? Is there a dress code? I’m hesitating, wearing short / flip flops now and can’t really go back home


just do it for ironic effect and livestream on youtube/facebook (put link here)


My understanding, based on a quick read of the current Act and a visit to the NHI offices who gave me some documentation:

Since 1st January 2013, the standard for Foreigners residing in Taiwan is that you do not get health insurance until you have lived in Taiwan for 6 months (continuous residence, allows one trip abroad for less than 30 days in which case you add those days too, otherwise I guess it resets to zero). This is nothing new.

The recent change with the new Act is that (since Feb 8th 2018), if a “Foreign Professional” with residency gets a job in Taiwan for a Taiwan company then the 6 month waiting period requirement goes away (also for certain other members of their family) and you can apply for health insurance immediately. Note that “Foreign Professional” also includes certain foreigners who do not have gold cards - it’s a broader definition, it’s not an incentive that is specifically a part of the gold card program.

My reading is that this is consistent with the text of the act, and the text in the leaflet that summarises the act, with both specifically refer to employment in a way that I interpret to exclude foreign contractors and the self-employed.