"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


Agreed. I don’t think they really care how gold card holders are doing. Probably just a publicity stunt, which is why they have called the media too.

If they really wanted to get feedback, they could have done an online survey or just emailed us directly. There’s only like 50 or 60 of us so far.

I have prepared some “feel-good / Save-face” answers for them, as is the corporate style in Taiwan. Save the face, then stab in the back. :wink:


I quit my job at the end of August while I was on a gold card. Coincidentally my wife had just come to taiwan and gotten her ARC as my dependent.

I went to NHI to test their claim of “No 6 month wait” for families of Gold card holders.

Thankfully someone recognized the card and said my wife could get NHI card immediately as long as I had a job and my company was paying for my health insurance.

Unfortunately I found out “from them” that my company had cancelled everything with NHI the day I left ( without the courtesy of informing me) so I was also without health insurance and therefore I couldn’t get it for my wife either.

I was given two options:

  1. Pay for my own health insurance as a self-employed individual. My NHI card would be reinstated immediately but my wife would need to wait for 6 months to be eligible ( because I would still technically be regarded as jobless)

  2. Get a “regular” job, and get my company to automatically pay my health insurance. Then my wife wouldnt need to wait 6 months. I could either pay for her my self or have my company help me pay for her too ( via deduction from my salary, of course).

Luckily I had a job waiting for me. It took my company just a week to get health insurance for both me and my wife, and she didn’t have to wait at all.

Don’t know if this info helps but that’s basically my experience with NHI after getting a gold card.


What if your spouse is from HK/Macau/China?


:smile: lol

I can give them some honest answers if they like :

**1. What is your plan of working or starting a business in Taiwan?

Ans: Preferbly I would like to use Taiwan as a stepping stone to get to a better place some day. I do love Taiwan ( compared to Pakistan ) but I can’t imagine living here forever and in the end still be treated like a foreigner (even if someday I could speak perfect Chinese). On the contrary people regard me a local when I even go on short trips to the US / UK just because I can speak somewhat decent English. Of course I know the reasons for why people there would think that but still that’s a good feeling, (of belonging).

I wouldn’t think twice if a person of any race came up to me told me he/she were an American or British or French.

I doubt with my brown “Indian-looking” face I could ever have the courage to tell people ( especially outside Taiwan) that “I am a Taiwanese”. They would probably laugh their a$$ off. :joy: Would probably get the same response if I were black or Caucasian.

So in short, I don’t plan to work or do business in Taiwan, at least not in the long-term.

What is the biggest benefit you’ve got after receiving the Employment Gold Card?

The key benefit was to my next employer as they didn’t have deal with the hassle of my ARC. & Perhaps good thing was that my wife didn’t have to wait for 6 months for her health insurance.

Other than that, with gold card so far crap treatment in Taiwan in all walks of life continue as usual ( perhaps a little more)

Can I say “bragging rights” is a benefit?. Oh! And last but not least this special invitation and the free tea! Thanks for that.

P.S. We all know why you held this at 2:00 pm… Didn’t think we were worth buying lunch for aye? :wink:

2. What made you come to Taiwan to work?

Impossible to find work back home. Also they kill non-believers and there’s no beer there. & China was too crowded.

**3. Why do you like Taiwan?

It’s without a doubt better than my own country. My only regret is that I have traveled to far too many other developed countries before coming here so unfortunately I have a frame of reference where Taiwan sometimes fall short. But not be to an a$$hole from a shithole country talking bad about Taiwan, I do mean Taiwan is an awesome place. & If I can never make it to another better place, then I would love to live here and work for the betterment of the Taiwanese people and society.

*Is there any experience that touches you?

Yes I have never forgotten dealing with TECO and BOCA. Truly an unforgettable experience. :smile:


You should seriously give them these answers. It would be glorious.


Now, Fuzzy_Barbecue, show us on the doll where the experience touched you.



Great to see many of you at the event today.

It’s started to filter into the news:

Key points for the friends in the thread:

  • 122 cards issued (217 applicants) - 40 sci/tech, 39 economy, 22 culture/art, 13 education, 8 finance
    • by my math that also means 0 sport, 0 law, 0 architecture - expected, given the more stringent requirements
  • we’re going to become a bilingual country; responsibility for this has been recently handed from the Ministry of Education to the National Development Council
  • broad range of countries represented: Lithuania, Australia, Ireland, USA, UK, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore (my memory is poor, list yours …)
  • some difficulty is expected in the legislature to pass the followup legislation and our help is needed


@Fuzzy_BBQ: I thought the Gold Card allowed you to have automatic NHI access, but from what you are saying here it is still tied to an employer. So if you come to Taiwan and are searching for work, you will NOT have insurance until an employer sponsors you? You did say you could “pay for NHI yourself as self-employed”. What does that entail, and do you know the monthly cost per person? I have read here before that the cost share for employees is about $27USD a month, but I assume it is more if you are “self employed”? Thanks!


I stuck around for another hour at the end and was speaking to some of the government folks (though I suspect the movers and shakers had followed the minister out of the room quickly).

One thing I did bring up repeatedly was how difficult it is to have to have a Taiwanese guarantor for everything. If we’ve been vetted so thoroughly and proven to be “outstanding”, surely we can be trusted to have a cell phone contract without a guarantor?


I think he maybe has that option because he was already in NHI by his previous employment. He can change his status.

you can check here. Contribution of employees is 30%, but if you are self-employed, it is 100%.

How Premiums Are Calculated

I found “Self-employed Independent professionals and technical specialists” in Category 1 are people with official certificates. Self employed individuals may be “other individual” in Category 6, unless they are certified specialists (Category 1) or belong to some unions(Category 2).


@tando : thanks for the info. I looked at the link and figured out how to calculate the cost as Self Employed. The only problem is how would I, and NHI, calculate my “income” if I’m not employed? The cost formula is directly based on how much one makes per month in income. In my case, I would initially have zero income from Taiwan (all offshore accounts). I may do some initial investments that pay say 25k NT/month in dividends to my Taiwan bank account, so I could use that I guess as my income basis? But those payments would take a couple months to get rolling, during which time I’d have no basis for calculating my NHI cost.


This is how to enroll as a self employed person, in Chinese. If I find English info, I’d add it later.


I found “Self-employed Independent professionals and technical specialists” in Category 1 are people with official certificates. Self employed individuals may be “other individual” in Category 6, unless they are certified specialists (Category 1) or belong to some unions(Category 2).


What was the response that you got? Anything remotely satisfactory?

One can only hope…


We’ll look into it.

10 years from now on forumosa… “the bank demanded a guarantor” and “I can’t get a phone contract without deposit”

Pan to govt reps scratching head as to why no professional foreigners are coming.


yes the phone contract was certainly a problem…

but when it comes to banks, to be honest I’ve never really had an issue…


I don’t want to beat a dead horse as this subject has been done to death but here is a short list of banks that won’t look at you without a cosigner

Land bank, Huanan, Fubon, Taishin, Sunny Bank, Hwatai, HSBC, Yuanta, Cooperative, Changhua, Shanghai, ANZ, Taiwan business bank, Shinkong, Taichung bank, Jih Sun, Entie… off the top of my head. There are others that are more friendly but walk into the list above and ask for a credit card and they will hand you a guarantor form.
Notice that there is a lot of govt banks in that list. Kinda ironic


Taichung bank did give me an account and a MasterCard without co- signatory.


Me too.
They changed the rules this year.
Don’t ever cancel it or you cant go back


  1. 凡申請正卡者,須年滿20歲
    A principal card applicant must be at least 20 years of age.
  2. 外籍人士(未取得本國身分證者)應檢附護照及有效居留證或內政部核發之入出境許可證(有效期限至少6個月以上)
    A foreigner (who has not obtained his or her identity card) should be accompanied by a passport and a valid residence permit or an entry and exit permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior (valid for at least 6 months).
  3. 提供足額定期存單或活期存款設定質權予本行,並依所附總額核發信用卡額度
    Provide full time deposit or demand deposits to the Bank and the credit card amount is issued in accordance with the attached total amount.
  4. 如無定期存單或活期存款者,提供中華民國籍保證人並檢附保證人申請書及身分證影本
    If there is no time deposit or demand deposits,must provide Taiwan nationality guarantor, accompanied by the guarantor application form and identity card photocopying.


Thanks, very interesting.

But is this showing the cost of NHI registration if I wish to pay for it all myself (before the 6 month waiting period ends)? Or is it showing what I will be required to pay when enrolling after having been here 6 months?


Link to photos from the Reception at NDC


Write up on the Reception at NDC