"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


I applied on 13 Feb, got the approval notice on 29 Mar.

Chinese New Year was from 15-20 Feb. Also, I talked with a very helpful person at immigration who said my application was delayed by some inter-agency communication problems that should be fixed by now. So… maybe 4-8 weeks to get an approval notice.

The ARC took about one week to print after I found time to submit my physical passport to the consulate. I picked up the ARC at the immigration office 9 Apr.

Mileage may vary, but I wouldn’t expect egregious wait times.


I just sent them a pay-stub from my employer (which included the payment amount and duration of the pay period), and the page from my tax return that listed my employer name and annual income for that year.


Got some stats yesterday from an NIA rep. To date:

  • 43 Applications
  • 14 approved


14 approved, does that mean that most were refused or still in the pipeline .


It wasn’t 100% clear, but my interpretation is that most were refused, based on follow-up comments about it being “hard”.


I thought I might apply for this but my salary is borderline with the 160k TWD a month, maybe will have to hope the exchange rates go in my favor slightly.


I just applied online for “Employment Gold Card” today. Just some background :

  1. I have been working in Taiwan since 4 years and have a work-based ARC.
  2. I am a Pakistani national.
  3. I am applying based on the salary criteria.

I don’t have high hopes as I have always gotten “special” treatment from NIA and BOCA. Let’s see how I goes. I will update when I get the result.

P.S : I plan to apply for citizenship in 2019. I hope a “gold card” will make that process easier.


If one has an APRC , with professional ( allowing 5 years away etc) no spouse/ children , are there any extra benefits in having this Gold card ? I can’t see any but maybe I missed something ?



  • temporary income tax discount
  • longer term family visas

Or am I getting my special foreigners mixed up with my outstanding foreigners? :ponder:


No. I think you are getting Senile like Nancy Pelosi though :rofl: You missed reading ( I have no Spouse or Children in the equation) . Tax Discount.maybe just on offer initially?..Not sure if I would pay less , or if possible with existing APRC, to switch. So maybe less Tax but doubtful? Discobot? Helped me to stumble through and see it may not be worth it…so thanks YYY. May the Force be with you ( Pelosi/Waters/Warren):rofl:


Which Waters, John, Roger, Muddy or Stormy? :confused: :confused:

Should Shia apply for the card to save a few bucks on tax? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


There ya go, man! :slight_smile:




if you have parents, this could be a benefit.


Hmmm! Interestingly, when I received my “Plum Blossom” APRC (not the Employment Gold Card under discussion in this thread, but an earlier scheme), I was told by the nice NIA officer that I was now welcome to bring my parents to Taiwan if I wished to do so.



Corner case: this appears only to apply to new residents - not those switching from an existing residence permit to the Gold Card.


Couldn’t this also be considered parental abuse? My mom hated Taiwan.


Admittedly with the hot summers, this is not a great place for cows.

But it is interesting how the filial piety thing informs what some bureaucrats think is important to us as new Taiwanese. Who knows? Maybe this would actually be important to some new immigrants.



Milk production declining rapidly…

But seriously, it’s hard to imagine most 1st-world parents wanting to live in Taiwan. It takes a special breed to appreciate Taiwan’s rough charms.