"Employment gold card" for some foreigners

Update on this, Mrs Chien said that she has no clue what is this about. So I’ll try contacting them directly.

BOCA process the resident visa part of the application. It could be a case you are currently in Taiwan on a non-transferable visa type?

Previously you mentioned being here on a WHV, is this still the case? My understanding is this is non-transferable from within Taiwan. This could potentially be a reason for BOCA not being able to process your application.

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Yep, you are absolutely right, after diving a bit deeper into it that seems to be the case.

The normal solution would be to travel out of Taiwan, re-enter on a tourist visa and apply again I believe. But considering the current situation with the pandemic, I’m afraid I might not be able to simply travel back and forth from Taiwan…

One other rule of the WHV is that the visa cannot be extended but mine actually was extended from the original end date of 28 September to 28 November in response to COVID-19. So that makes me believe that there might be room for consideration from BOCA and NIA’s side.

I’ll head there tomorrow and try to see if a solution can be found.

Thanks for the reply!

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An update on this for folks following along: I talked to Angela again today. It seems like my application got stuck in limbo somewhere, her boss is going to call “Taiwan” (I’m not sure which office specifically) and says that hopefully I’ll hear back by tomorrow.

If anyone else runs into this problem, I’d recommend making sure that the SF TECO people know that your application is “Awaiting Supplementary Documents” ASAP — I think that they didn’t realize that at first, which made it take longer than necessary to start getting this solved.

Awaiting what supplementary documents?
Your application was in passport submission phase.

Yes, the problem is that the SF TECO says that they had already received and verified my passport, and were waiting on receiving the physical gold card. So clearly something got mixed up somewhere :confused:

Follow up here, just came back from BOCA and NIA where I’ve been told things that I already knew, that a WHV could not be transformed into any other kind of visa and that the best solution they give me is to fly out of Taiwan and apply again for the gold card from there and then re-enter Taiwan with the gold card. That’s absolute nonsense if you ask me… Especially after seeing that article saying that the president herself wanted to encourage more people to apply for the gold card.

Anyone here has been in situation where the visa type they were on while in Taiwan was non-transferable to other visa type and were given a solution non involving to fly out of the country to do it? I’m guessing chances might be thin as this issue is only bad in the context of COVID-19 where I cannot simply fly out of the country and come back on a tourist visa anymore. If any of you has the contact of someone who could help weighing in that matter, it would be great.

Hi everyone… Can an already-submitted form be edited?

In checking the status just now of my online gold card application, which I submitted 2 days ago, I noticed that the address I provided has a typo.

I’ve seen posts here mention that the applicant can modify an already-submitted application (such as to attach documents or change the category to economic), but I don’t see an edit/modify button in the user interface. Can anyone tell me how I can amend that wrong address I provided?

I’d suggest calling them asap (https://foreigntalentact.ndc.gov.tw/en/cp.aspx?n=D927ED39BDAE7478&s=DA2F7BC919B77E24), since any change will likely reset the place in queue. With that said, they seem to process monthly submissions in batches at the end of the month, so you have some time.

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Calling, as suggested, will probably be the faster option, but otherwise you could try that button (not sure if it only works for cards that have already been issued though and not eager to mess around with the system :sweat_smile:):

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suggest you email (or preferably call) and ask their advice, they are generally very helpful (though it may take time to get through) before doing anything with the website…


Thanks everyone for the timely advice. I will phone them.

Note: As it turns out, you need to go to the NIA office in Taipei, not the BOCA, to pick-up issued Gold Cards.

My girlfriend picked up her card a few weeks ago after it was shipped back from SF. Requesting and paying for a replacement seems faster but both ways work.

We both also recently requested to have our Gold Cards re-issued with our current address (instead of a blank address field) on them. Having an address is beneficial in several ways (you can’t transfer a vehicle registration to your name without an address on your ID, and having a Taipei-local address gives discounted admission at certain city-run venues like the Maokong Gondola). The application process (via the Gold Card website) is pretty straightforward. When they asked for documentation proving we live at that address, we submitted our AirBnB confirmation (it was a ≥ 1 month stay) and that worked. The turn-around time was 2 business days for both of us.

my Gold Card timeline.
Thanks most especially to @fifieldt !!

2 September
entered Taiwan on 60-day special entry visa

11 September
completed on-line application in Economic category
four attachements: photos of photo page of passport, visa, passport-size portrait photo, & home-country government-issued tax document for proof of 2019 income
notified by email of status: Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency

not notified by email of status: Under inspection

6 October
visited NIA (1) to learn exactly when visa needs to be renewed/extended, in case Gold Card not issued before visa expiry. (visa to be renewed any business day during the last 15 days of visa validity, not before those 15 days, nor precisely on the 15th day before expiry.) (2) to inquire in person about Gold Card status. Gold Card “officially approved”, available for collection 3 days after email notification of “certification”. option to phone NIA officer directly to ask when card is available for collection.
email message immediately following NIA office visit: “Congratulations! You are applying for Employment Gold Card on 2020/09/11…. has been officially approved, and is now entering the certificate stage.”
notified by email of status: IC card pending certificate

7 October
notified by email:
“Congratulations! You are applying for Employment Gold Card on 2020/09/11….which has been officially approved. And now the certificate is finishhed. And hereby notice! Whether you applied for employment gold card within or outside, please take the electronic payment receipt printed in the download zone of system and the original passport, and get your employmentgold card in (service stations around the department or roc overseas missions) you chosen by yourself.”
status: receipt record remains, otherwise no status indication

13 October
called NIA to verify that card available for collection at NIA

14 October
collected Gold Card at NIA. necessary documents at time of collection: printed receipt for payment of Gold Card fee, passport

Thanks to Forumosa & https://taiwangoldcard.com/ .

Again, thanks most especially to @fifieldt !!


Ok, so I called the NIA and finally figured out my issue! I had typoed my passport expiration date when first filling out the form. Now that I’ve corrected it online, I’m told all should go smoothly.


Cool, glad you figured it out, @wesleyac

I’m the guy who submitted a GC application with a typo in my address. I just phoned the Ministry of Economic Affairs specialist. Although I selected English upon getting connected to them, none of the 3 persons with whom I spoke were able or willing to speak English. Also, somehow the volume of their voices on the phone call is very soft each time I have phoned them. My Chinese is okay enough to get by, but it was quite challenging to communicate with them on the phone. To my surprise though, they picked up right away without making me wait.

On the call, the persons to whom I addressed my question of how can I amend my incorrect home address replied that they are not familiar with the interface of the GC website and cannot give any guidance on how I can correct the address on my end. They recommended that I wait until some govt office (who?) reviews my application and then deal with any discrepancy later.

I then sent them a follow-up email, in Chinese, again attempting to correct my error.

I imagine you’d want to contact NIA and/or WDA (Mr. Huang) for that, rather than the Ministry of Economic Affairs?

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Thank you very much, Andrew. I mistakenly thought that I should contact the Ministry of Economic Affairs because I applied under the Economic (min salary) category. After reading your message, I phoned the Ministry of Labor ((02)2380-1726, Mr. Huang’s office), and they told me to phone the NIA (移民署: 02-2388-9393 x3216 (劉小姐)), especially since my application was only recently submitted.

So I phoned that NIA number and the person who answered asked me for my application account number. She confirmed that they had a record of my application on file and gave me the phone extension of a case worker to whom my application was assigned. I phoned that case worker, who was super friendly. While on the phone with her, she used her powers to move my application into a Pending Documents status, and told me that when I next logged-in, I would be able to make a change to my application form. Sure enough, after hanging up the phone and re-logging-in, a blue “Modify” button appeared in the web user interface, and by clicking this button I was able to finally fix my address.

(Again, nobody I spoke to was able (or willing?) to speak English to me, but at least they picked up and helped me solve my problem)

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Good to hear you got it fixed. I remember that Mr. Huang speaks pretty decent English - it’s a bit weird if you spoke to him and he didn’t. Maybe he’s gotten bored of all the phone calls over the last several months… :grin:

I see. Not sure if I ever reached him specifically or just his office, but there was a male voice who spoke Mandarin very slowly and clearly to me, which I much appreciated.