"Employment gold card" for some foreigners

I think it really depends on the TRO/TECO and how difficult the officers in charge want to make your life for their own amusement. The passport check phase is supposed to be just a less-than-one-minute thing to confirm that the person in the application, the person in the passport and the person in front of them are the same individual. Decisions are made in Taipei, not at the TRO/TECO. As far as I know (that day I had a brief chat with the staff), from their admin panel they don’t even have access to all of our application details because they are not involved in the selection process, but only in the subsequent verification part.

Oh man, I feel for you :frowning_face:

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@ehman or anybody else who applied from outside TW and chose to pickup in Taipei. Did they email you a copy of your ARC when is was complete? Or do you not get to see it until you’re in TW?

Once the passport verification has been successful, you will be able to download an entry permit from the platform with your photo, ARC number, etc. This will allow you to enter Taiwan, quarantine and then visit NIA to collect your card.

One thing to remember, though. Airline companies are mad these days, so make sure that you contact yours before the departure date and get a written confirmation that they will accept the entry permit as a valid document. In my case, ground staff was not directly under the company but subcontracted idiots. It costed me two hours of shouting before I finally got the confirmation that my documents were fine :roll_eyes:.

Good to know. I am flying eva air so hopefully will be more aware since its a Taiwanese airline.

@alexis.tree I didn’t get an ARC.

This means I can’t get a quarantine hotel subsidy I guess, even though technically I have a gold card ?

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Oh @boaz25 didn’t realize I can the number on the entry permit is also the arc number so I guess its not big deal. Can still quarantine and get subsidy.

So on the entry permit I see a number that is the same as my ‘application number’ on the gold card platform. I guess this is this also my ARC number for the quarantine forms and other places?

Is the application number is the same as ARC number? I had assumed it wasn’t. Can I get confirmation who’s gotten their official card?

Application number and ARC number are different. ARC number is only visible on the actual gold card, not even in the travel authorization PDF.

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My gold card was approved in August and I selected the pick up in Taipei option. They did not mail it to me in the US, even though I ended up having to delay travel.

I have an ARC number from years ago and had to list it on the GC application, but it is not in the Residence Authorization sheet.

Did they assign you a different or the same ARC number?

I had an ARC from a year ago and they just reused that one. I forgot to list it on my application and they still found and linked it from my passport number.

Hey guys I’m having trouble finding this info:

  1. What is the Quarantine Hotel subsidy for Gold Card holders and how do I get it when I’m picking up my Gold Card in Taipei?
  2. How far in advanced should I be booking my hotel/flight?
  3. Odds are I’ll be COVID negative, but what do we do with our flight/hotel reservation if we had to cancel them due to having COVID?

Finally got my Gold Card but pretty lost on the rest of the process at the moment.

EDIT: Found this, looks like it’s only until the end of the year and I won’t be there until January anyways: https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202009140015

Yes, that was my experience was, too.

@RegenCore, as I understand it, Gold Card holders are anyway not entitled to any kind of subsidy. As it says in the article you linked:

Moreover, those eligible for the quarantine hotel subsidies will be limited to Taiwanese nationals and permanent residency holders, also starting Oct. 1, the bureau added.

I asked on https://stay.ownrides.com/en/ if as a Gold Card holder I count as permanent residency holder and here is the response:

I afraid you can’t enjoy the subsidized price because ARC is different from APRC. APRC is Alien Permanent Resident Certificate while ARC is Alien Resident Certificate.

Of course, the person running Ownrides is not a government official and to be 100% sure, one probably would have to check directly there, but what he said makes sense to me. I think “APRC” is the kind of status you can obtain after having lived in Taiwan for 5 consecutive years.


Has anyone been able to successfully apply for the subsidy as a gold card holder after Oct 1? When I did a google translate of the Taipei requirements it didn’t seem like we qualify.

Is it easy/doable to live in Taiwan without a Facebook account? My Gold Card notice linked me to a FB group to join and everyone is telling me to hunt for apartments on there and I don’t have one and would prefer not to. But if it’s pervasive, I of course will. Anyone know?

You can certainly get by without FB, though having a LINE account is almost a necessity. 591.com.tw is helpful for finding an apartment - we used it to find ours (the map function is handy).

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I realised that I created some confusion. Apologies :sweat_smile: Let me explain.

Application number and ARC number are different. The former is just for the sake of the Gold Card application and stops being relevant once the Gold Card is issued. The ARC number is the identification code for foreigners and is made up by two letters followed by six digits.

ARC numbers are forever linked to your identity, unless you naturalise as Taiwanese. In my case, since I lived in Taiwan in the past, I already had one and it was listed in my entry permit (the PDF file that can be downloaded from the Gold Card application platform after the passport has been verified). Now that I think about it, I’m not sure whether those, like you I presume, who have never resided in Taiwan before will be given one in the entry permit or later upon collecting the card in Taiwan after quarantine.

The quarantine form requires your passport as mandatory, while the ARC field is not. So no worries even if you don’t have one yet.

Accomodation subsidies are only for Taiwanese citizens, if I’m not wrong. Taxi subsidies apply in any case.

Interesting. My ARC is not on the residence authorization PDF.

My ARC was not on the residence authorization PDF either.

The cheapest flights by far are United, but will they allow me to fly to Taipei with only my Resident Authorization form? I’m picking up my Gold Card in Taipei. The cost of the EVA flight is nearly twice as much (but at least direct.)

Just curious @jephhy @TroubleWithTribbles Did you guys enter your previous ARC number in the optional field during the application? I did so maybe that’s the reason.