"Employment gold card" for some foreigners

Get in touch with them in advance and make sure that you have a written confirmation that they will accept it. You have the right to fly and enter Taiwan with the Resident Authorisation, keep this in mind regardless of what the airline might say at first. You just need to give them time to do whatever check they need to do so that there are no surprises on the day of departure :wink: Based on my nonsensical experience.


Eva air is nice and empty, it is like riding business class when you are in economy

Not initially, but they looked it up (from nearly 20 years ago) and told me to enter it in the application. So yes, eventually.

I had an ARC about 5 years ago.

Hey I messed up and didnt upload all the documents I obviously needed. Is there anyway to reach out and skip the 30 day wait? everyone is telling me they will just ask me for more documents within 30 days. but obviously I would like to upload them now and not have to reset the timer…

Hey I messed up and didnt upload all the documents I obviously needed. Is there anyway to reach out and skip the 30 day wait? everyone is telling me they will just ask me for more documents within 30 days. but obviously I would like to upload them now and not have to reset the timer…

With my application, when I was told to submit more documents I was given an email address to send these documents to, these were then added to my application and it only took a couple of days before my application was approved.

Can you message me that email address? I called multiple people and they seemed to tell me that I would have to wait 30 days even though I knew I didn’t have enough documents.

nvm can you just post it here? was it a MOL email or was it a specific department?

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. After 30 days I called them, they told me I was missing information, and the woman managing my application shared her email with me. So in your case I would still recommend waiting.

Who did you call? Mol or wda? Give me number?

There are some contact details here:

I called the MoL, however, depending the state of your application, you may need to call a different number. I would advise waiting until your application has remained in the same state for a couple of weeks.

Has anyone else besides @saketumi tried to get US business income (K-1) accepted instead of salary (W2)? He was able to get approved under Economy in this way, and I wonder if this is a total fluke.

I used 1040 tax return plus K1 to for my application - approved back in early September

It might have been a fluke, but I didn’t know what else I could provide. I have an LLC, so I submitted my entire personal tax return—including 1040 and schedule K-1. Other thing to consider is to get someone to inquire on your behalf (ie a politician, local company, etc). I had Hsiao Bi-khim ask for me.

@shaokilai and @saketumi you both provided cover letters explaining that your income was K1 and not W2, right? Could you elaborate a bit on what you said?

Also did you have zero W2 income, and only K1? I have 12k in W2 and then a qualifying amount in K1, and I’m afraid it’ll throw them off.

No cover letter and no W-2s for me.

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Update on address change on Gold Card (for those who collected it overseas). It must be done from the platform, not from the NIA branch. The “Information Change” section, which was not really working until a month back (I remember) is now fully operational. Update whatever information needs to be updated, upload passport (they are supposed to have it, but yea :upside_down_face:), Gold Card (they issued it, but yea :upside_down_face:) and any further documentation to act as proof of the change (rental contract for the address). Then same as during the application: “Under inspection”, etc. etc., until “Ready for collection” at the selected branch.

heads up for anyone applying through the SF TECO: the office is now fully closed to the public because of the spike in Covid cases. you’ll have to mail in your passport submission notice, self-addressed stamped envelope, and original passport / notarized copy.

if you chose to pick up your Gold Card in SF, it will be mailed to you along with your passport.

on the bright side, i guess this means no more unnecessary interviews for now :grinning:

Wanted to document my experience so far since this thread has been really helpful.

  • 11/3 - Started the Gold Card application online. Applied under the “Economic” category. Uploaded tax documents for the last three years.

  • 11/12 - Status changed to "Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency”

  • 11/26 - Received and email and status changed to "Passport Submission by Bureau of Consular Affairs or Overseas Missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan)”

  • 11/28 - Mailed passport along with the Passport Submission Notice and self-addressed stamped envelope to the TECO SF office.

  • 11/30 - Documents received by TECO SF office.

  • 12/1 - Passport inspection complete, received email saying Gold Card will be issues in 21 days, and status changed to “IC Card in Process”

I can now download the “Resident Authorization” certificate, and it indicates that I can use the certificate to enter Taiwan. If you choose to enter with this certificate (instead of waiting for the card), you must pick-up your Gold Card within 30 days after entering.

Overall, the process took about a month from applying to getting the “Resident Authorization” certificate.


I applied for gold card under economic in November from US.

I recently got an email saying my monthly salary is not enough. I make over the amount, but because there are pre tax deductions that get reduced from from taxes like medical and retirement, the gross federal salary listed in section 1 of W2 looks smaller than actually is. The actual amount greater than requirement is listed in section 16 of W2 and is over the requirement.

I will call tonight and try to explain monthly salary exceeds before employee deducts medical and retirement.

If not, it looks like they focus on federal AGI on W2 (section 1) as opposed to just gross.

Anyone experience something similar?