Employment Gold Card

Hello all,

Wondering if there are any Canadians/Brits in this forum who successfully applied for the Gold Card while on the 180 Days visitor visa with no extension?

I have such visa right now and I am unclear whether I am allowed to apply for the Gold Card or not. The immigration consultant I am speaking to seems to think not, but the website is unclear.

Excerpt from the website:
Holders of foreign passports other than U.S. who entered R.O.C. (Taiwan) visa-free, or with a visa for a stay of less than 60 days, or with a visa for a stay of 60 days or longer and with annotation by the visa-issuing authority of a restriction disallowing extension or other limitation applying domestically: For one-year duration, NT$4,500 per card; for two-year duration, NT$5,500 per card; for three-year duration, NT$6,500 per card.

Note: I entered on a visa-exempt basis and extended to 180 days my stay.

Please help and share your experience.

Thanks much!

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