Employment Service Act Article 48 in Chinese?


I did a quick search but I could not find a link for this in the archives. Does anyone know where I can get a copy in Chinese (and perhaps English, too) of the Employment Services Act Article 48? A link to an offical governmern site would be great.

To explain, I want to have a copy of this to show the accountant at a company I am working with. This person does not believe that I am allowed to work legally in Taiwan. The person also claims that paying taxes in Taiwan on work done for this company is not possible for someone with an ARC not issued through the company.

I have a JFRV based on marriage and do a lot of freelance work (not teaching–I know that this might be a seperate isseu with the MOE). So, I thought that meant I was pretty much like a Taiwanese freelancer–I could work anywhere, the company pays me, withholds a certain amount for tax (10 to 20 percent), then at the end of the year, I get a tax receipt (kou jiao ping dan) that I can take with me when I do my taxes for 2004. I thought that the JFRV was pretty much like an open work permit, and Article 48 set it down in black and white that I would no longer have to apply for an open work permit and could in fact work anywhere.

Thanks for your help. I’d really like to have something that I can put down on the table the next time I meet this person.


Thanks, Bri.

Much appreciated.

Links to English and Chinese versions are in this post: [forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … 147#246147](How to get your APRC (yet again?)