Employment with Taiwanese Technology Companies

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Firstly thanks for taking the time to view my post and if you have any useful comments I am very appreciative.

My enquiry relates to employment with the internationally recognised technology companies in Taiwan; specifically those involved in the development of mobile phones/smart phones. I would like to hear from anyone who has experience working as a foreigner in a Taiwanese technology company, especially if you have been involved in sales. I am interested to learn about the working environment and remuneration along with any other information you think is useful.

I have been living in Taiwan for several years now, have an ARC by marriage, live a stable life, and have professional work experience in Sales & Marketing and Business Development; I currently work for a small Taiwanese start up company.

Feel free to contact me privately.

My apologies if this topic has been covered before.


  1. You can try www.tsia.org.tw

Taiwan Semiconductor Association has a list of companies, referring to the high tech industries; scroll to the bottom of this link
tsia.org.tw/eng/Files/Public … 20Overview英文.pdf

  1. Besides you might want to visit the high tech fairs in the World Trade Center.
    They provide excellent catalogues with addresses, contact persons, and much more.

‘In addition’ or ‘Alternatively’, not ‘Besides’. No problem, any time. :bow:

sign up on 104.com.tw/

if your credentials are good enough, there should be HR people contacting you for interviews.