Encountering Shangrila-A screening event of Tibetan Culture

I thought a lot about how to introduce my friend and her work but she does it so well herself. I can’t do better so I won’t…

[quote]Anika Tokarchuk is a Canadian independent film-maker presently residing in Taiwan.
With a long standing love for cinema and new wave creative expression, after graduating in both film and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Banff Center in Canada, her passions led her to embark on many journeys of discovery, exploring multi-faceted interests crossing cultural and social boundaries.

Focused on themes of social, spiritual and creative fusion, Tokarchuk’s career has been involved in intra-cultural film and media projects for over 20 years. Experience includes experimental media and film in New York, intensive involvement in joint media programs with indigenous North American spiritual leaders, environmental issue projects, and more recently programs focusing on Tibetan Buddhist worldview.

Living immersed in Asian culture is an invaluable situation she highly appreciates; the creative symbiosis that emerges from collaboration with many of the best artists in Taiwan’s film community creates an environment of catalytic expression, bringing a unique vision to the resultant work. The first of a three-program trilogy that explores Buddhist philosophical themes of dream-like reality and magical illusion, Life as Cinema is Tokarchuk’s premiere feature length documentary. [/quote]

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Anika’s work on her project has kept her in Asia for a considerable time during which she has had to travel a lot and suffer innumerable let downs (sponsorship, Governmental and subject wise), film and of couse boss people around :wink:. And not to mention her own personal sacrifice to this project.

It’s these reasons and her belief in the work she is doing that has prompted me to post this…

Take the time you look, its worth it :slight_smile: