End of semester stundent work/photo books

I’m assuming some of you have to do these as well. It’s not too hard on me since I just have someone take pictures and devolope them, I print out and photocopy a border and title for the pictures, then someone else pastes the photos to the border and title, then I stick them in this book (along with the students work).

The process isn’t all that bad now, but I want to do something different for the end of this next semester.

I’ll take a bunch of pictures with my digital camera and make one book (at home), that I’d take to a printer and get copies made.

Then there’d be 2 books, a photo book and their book full of work.

Does anyone do anything like this now? I have a feeling that this new way I want to do it would be less work and give a cooler end product. I’d just have to figure out the software to use and a place to get it printed.


OK, so this is what I’ll be doing and I’m sure some of you must do this or something like it already.

I’m going to take MAD (a lot) pictures with my digicam and so will some of the other teachers. I’ll keep them organized, then make a photo CD at the end of the year.

That way parents can look though it and print out what they want.

Less work for me and happier parents (at least in theory they should be).

Blog it baby, sounds like a great idea. I’d like to know cost and other details.

We do the same. My suggestion would be to make a photo slideshow with Josh Groban bellowing out “You raised me up” onto either a SVCD or DVD.


It’s been a while since I posted anything…

Anyway, I’m still planning to go to Taiwan next year to teach. However, it never occurred to me to think about the possible administrative work that might be associated with the teaching. What type of work besides teaching do you have to do for the school?

Do you have to keep special notes, in addition to test scores, regarding the students’ progress? Do you have to write up a report of some sort midway through the class? The book/CD that you’re talking about, is that typical or specific to the type of school you work in? Is it a book of their projects, or does it include their homework/classwork assignments too? Are you putting scanned images of their work on the DVD/VCD, or just pictures of them working/playing/posing in the classroom?

Are there parent-teacher and PTA meetings in Taiwan?

I was reading on the Teaching in Taiwan thread; it seems the students might progress more quickly if they didn’t have parents at home miscorrecting them (ie., telling them to say “orangey” instead of “orange”). If you had a parent orientation to the school, they might want to give a basic pronunciation class to the parents. Make the class part of the registration fee, if necessary.

Just wondering.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

That’s a lot of questions. Let me hit them one at a time.

I don’t think there are many schools where you only teach (as in walking in, presenting material and going home). Most schools are going to have some other tasks for you to do. Most of them will be directly related to teaching, but some schools might have you do some other things (I remember reading about someone sweeping the walk, and I will sweep my afternoon school’s floor if it’s looking dirty.

Some other things might be shows/events you’ll have to take part in, or totally organize yourself (like a X-Mas show or something).

I think most school will have at least a weekly book that you’ll have to fill out. I’m working at a school now that has me fill out a daily book (well, for every day they’re in English class).

You mean at the semester break? Uh… again depends on the school. Some yes and some no. I think a lot of schools will have some sort of evaluation for the kids to take (parents love tests :slight_smile:).

I think most kindergartens will want something like this. The two I worked at did. I didn’t have to make the books at the other on though.

All that. Last year it consisted of anything I could use to fill up pages :slight_smile:.

Pictures of them play, posing, working, field trips, etc.

I had one once. Usually you communicate with the parents through those weekly/daily books I think. Then there’s usually some kind of parent day thing once a semester where you might do a demo or talk about yourself or something.

Oh, and back to the topic :wink: I was thinking it’d be cool to use flickr (or a program that could mimic it on a CD) to tag all the photos with the names of the kids. That way a parent could click on their kid’s name and get a list of all the photos with that one kid in it.

THanks for your response.

The flikr idea sounds interesting–if it’s not too much work. I know I would like it, if I were a parent.