End of the road?

Noticed this cut when pumping my tire. Went from 80psi to 120psi in like two pumps.

8mm long but no leaking air.

  1. keep using it unless it really goes bad. If you want you can use patches (inside) or even a bit of that tyre chewy gum for making it safer
  2. your pump is dangerous. From 80 to 120psi in two pumps? that pump should be nowhere near a bicycle, it’s too dangeours! I will collect it for freee

The back tire pumped up fine and then the front was all weird, so I’m not sure what’s going on. It is a cheap standing pump from Giant for like 800nt

The tube valve is probably funky…jiggle it around, make sure it’s open all the way, reattach the pump chuck, and try again. It’s probably reading off the blockage, not what’s actually in the tube.

If it doesn’t clear, replace the tube. Sometimes the guage itself can get messed up, but since it works fine on your other tube, likely not.

I’d replace the tire, I like to error on the side of caution.


+1 to the pressure weirdness being the connection between the pump head and valve. This happens to me all the time, usually if the PSI jumps up like that if you wiggle the pump head a bit the presta valve will engage and it’ll drop right down.

For the tire gash, I really think it depends on if it’s just a cut on the surface or penetrating the entire tire. I have a super small gash that penetrated through and I had to patch, some other bigger cuts on the surface did not penetrate and seem totally fine. It also probably depends on if you’re running tubes or tubeless.

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These are tubeless tires

I got it to pump normally now but yeah kinda bummed about this gash. GP5000 tires are meant to be strong. Maybe they are and that gash on another tire would of caused a puncture.

The kevlar layer (or whatever it is they use) is usually below the rubber on the outside so it likely is protecting you from losing air :slight_smile:

Actually it’s a racing tire and while tough for it’s class, relatively, they aren’t really all that tough.

Gatorskins are fairly bomb proof and cheaper… perhaps give them a go? Maybe they don’t make that in tubeless yet, but should be something similar from another brand.

Are bike tires supposed to be bare? Thread is gone.

It doesn’t matter, valve is a valve.

As long as it’s not leaking air and you can’t see the tread, I’d still ride it, but would keep an eye on it.

As for the pump jumping PSI, it’s most likely the valve. Those things cost next to nothing, just ask the bike shop to replace it if you keep having the same problem.

shoe glue from the outside to prevent future grit penetrate.

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Yes. They aren’t wide enough for hydroplaning to be an issue in the rain. Rubber contact area and stickiness of the compound is more important.