End of the year performances

If you work with kindergarten kids you probably have to do one. I’m trying to be creative this time around and here’s what I came up with…

At first I had this idea that there’d be this time machine and the kids could travel around time interviewing different people. I was actaully kind of excited about that, but it came to a full stop when I asked the kids who they wanted to be.

Me: So what famous historian would you kids like to be?
Kids: Bionicle! Pokemon! Cinderella! Snow White! PichiPichiPitch! (I still don’t know what they are, but they’re in the play now) etc.

So I scrapped the time machine idea and came up with another “exciting plot” for the play (when the Principal asked me what the name was :P.) A Child’s Dream

So now the play starts with a kid playing with toys, she goes to sleep (and puts the toys away), and then a bunch of crazy things happen in a dream (with Pokemon, beetles and everything.) After that then they all ask the Old and wise Kung Fu Master (played by me) some questions.

I’m not exactly sure how smoothly it’s going to go (maybe I should have just done 3 little pigs :slight_smile:) but I plan on getting it recorded and up on YouTube.

I hope that was mildly informative/entertaining.

It was. Thanks. I’m looking forward to the video. :slight_smile:

Over achiever :wink:, good luck… hope it works out well It’s always fun when silly Ideas work out in a fun way