End this old-thread necrophilia!


This is getting annoying. Multiple times I see some interesting-looking thread, click on it, and it turns out to be from 10 years ago (with one or two recent posts randomly appended to it). Let the past die!


Depends on the thread. There are weird spam posts that suddenly tag advertising on to threads that have been moribund for 15 years. Those are silly. But the Miyazaki thread I resurrected still has useful discussion. And I’d rather have one thread about buying coffee beans in Taipei: that’s better than a new thread appearing every few months, and people not bothering to answer it because their reaction is “Come on, I typed a lengthy post about this a few months ago.”

Specific threads get a lot of traffic, and that’s why some are rebooted every year: “Earthquakes 2018”, or whatever. But there’s nothing wrong with old threads persisting.


I was there and it was great. Most of the best stuff though got kept in the flame forum. Release them tapes!


Well said. A lot of the threads go off topic into banter, as a lot of the forum members are quite active and familiar with one another. This makes it even harder to glean info from these ancient interminable threads.

Coffee shops are a great example! I don’t care about some cafe in Xinyi that went bust 2 years ago…

Can this be put to a vote?




Well, the shop you recommend today could go bust next spring. This alas is a fact of life in Taiwan.

Btw, on this debate, I’m with lostinasia. Pile of new threads on very similar—and sometimes identical—topics make it harder, not easier, to see what’s going on.

That’s my NT$2.



There are things that remain true or interesting even after 10 years. True, it might take some patience to get to the interesting parts, but I don’t see anything wrong with resurrecting a topic and I do see a problem if those contents get removed.


Have you ever tried hitting the Summarize This Topic button on long topics? I just tried it for the first-time and it reduced a 415 post topic to 86 posts. Apparently, it is based on “popularity” of text post (I don’t know what that means yet).

If you still see banter type posts after summarizing a topic this way, maybe let one of us know. Maybe we could split it off or temp it



You did not provide any reason why it was annoying.


That means that my and cow’s concise trolling posts will be part of the summary, instead of other boring and long write ups.


At the end of the day banter is all we have. Take away the banter and we’re just an 0800 number for lost big-noses. #bantertillwedie