Endemic eco-friendly products

We use a by-product from the tea industry to wash our dishes. It’s basically a powder that you need to mix with water before scrubbing but doesnt contain chemicals that alter the sexual characteristics of fish and amphibians. We also use imported soaps and shampoos that are claimed to not adversely affect the aquatic world.

However, the tea powder is the only endemic eco-friendly product that we’ve seen here and we’d like to use some more such products.

Does anyone use/know of anyother products we can use eg soap, shampoo?


I know of a range of products called ECOVER which is sold, I believe, in the united states which includes laundry and dishwashing liquid which is environmentally friendly. Good brand - my rich environmentally-friendly verging on neurotically-so ex boyfriend buys it in bulk. It’s not expensive. Order it over the Internet - I’m not sure where would be cheapest:


http://www.ecover.com, e-mail info@ecover.com

We’re really looking for locally made products; the stuff that was used years ago before the petro-chemical industry stamped it’s authoriity on our lives.

However, is the ECOVER range available in Taiwan?