Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019


I’m not so sure she’s cool enough to get RSVP invites lol.

But do you really want to see that? It looks pretty lame. I’ll probably give it a chance but I do not have high expectations.


“Justice League universe”?! Well I dare them to call it that now. (Unite the Seven!)

Wonder Woman was very rousing, and the leads were good in it, but it had big story problems. Aquaman is advertising itself as a fun, stupid popcorn flick, and can hopefully deliver on that. Shazam looks fun as well. Maybe they should be calling it the Super Friends Universe.

I guess we’ll be getting an Avengers 4 trailer soon, and learning what the title is. Of course everyone wants to know when and how the FF and X-Men will be folded into the MCEU, and what will become of Guardians 3. I would personally like to see Marvel’s Justice League expys, the Squadron Supreme, introduced as part of a multiverse story. (Maybe this would be the direction to go with Ant-Man 3, to take it the Thor 3 route. Ant-Man could be Yellowjacket in the Squadron’s universe.) Hopefully we can also get a Power Man / Iron Fist buddy cop type movie, now that Netflix has kicked them off, and I’ve heard talk of Shang Chi and Moon Knight movies. I wish they would do Son of Satan, but Disney would probably nix it as off-brand, and DC’s Constantine is the better character.


That one was OKish, but afterwards…disaster. Mainly by recycling plots.




I’d kill for a Moon Knight movie. Don’t know about a Master of Kung Fu. There are so many ways they could cock it up. Although, they do have a decent track record; I should give them the benefit of the doubt.


A bit of history of the trailer


The fact they now release trailers FOR trailers is fucking ridiculous.


The ridiculous thing is that back when they moved “trailers” to before the movie, they didn’t change the name.


Yes. A true sociopath. Him, not you. Doesn’t have that self control or self preservation filter Bruce Wayne has.


Image result for amen brother meme



It’s not part of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, but my daughters are really excited for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The plan is to take them tomorrow. Seeing Spider-Gwen in the trailer made them so giddy; they’re just ecstatic that there are female Spiderpersons (and they think she looks amazing). I personally really enjoy Marvel Multiverse stories.


I think Sony is planning a Spider-Woman movie (outside the MCU, like Venom). Of course Black Widow technically counts as a female Spiderperson…


Comic Book: What Time is the ‘Avengers 4’ Trailer Reportedly Going to be Released?.

Yipes! Today!?




“Endgame” is the name that was leaked by a cinematographer who had it listed on their online resume. I don’t get why the studio bothered keeping that a secret.

Trailer doesn’t give much away, except that they have a plan. I wonder how Scott Lang made his way back from the Quantum Realm.





Does anyone wanna place bets on who will rescue Tony from space and bring him back to Earth?


Wouldn’t want to bet. The boring answer is Pepper, but it could be Captain Marvel.

It’s cool they’ve confirmed Ronin. At last Jeremy Renner will be useful.


I want to know whose armor is the one left on the field.

No translation of Endgame yet.