Ending 2022

This will gonna be my 2022 Ending Song of the year.
Let me tell you a story.

I am with my GirlFriend for about 3 years already. Ofcourse there were ups and
down but we only care about the up so we can stay happy through out our relationship.
This Just December, She just said she will be just going somewhere else and told me not to wait for her
as she will be sleeping somewhere else. I have waited for 2 to 3 Days but I could not get a hold of her nor
from her friends who kept saying none them were able to see her at work or dormitory or somewhere else.

The nextday, She send me a message telling me to not look for her. She has done some bad things and She does
not want to drag me on to it.

I tried to reach her out why? Why can’t we talk about this and figure it out together? What happened?
Why did you never tell me any of this long ago. We could have work something out.
Unfortunately, I didnt get a response at all.

We were bound to get marry next year. We even fkin decorated the apartment with christmas decors!
And now I am very clueless why the heck do I need to undergo this kind of situation! Seriously?
She’s my bestfriend. I trust with my secrets. A tell her all my anxieties in life! She is my outlet for all my
anxietty. A Support line! My Medicine! ANd now I do not know how to deal with this. Everytime I go home, all I hear is
defeaning silence. And every movement I do only triggers every memories. every actions she does at home.
Now even as I fall asleep, I just coudnt. Laying on bed remembering how she hug me at my back. How the bed
supposed to be for 2 PERSON!

I’m sorry for ranting this here. I just have nothing else to throw this right now.
I hope wherever she is right now. I wish she is safe. She can figure things out by googling. She eats
enough etc etc.

Very Ironic to celebrate my christmas like this.
I guess, im really down to my knees right now and, Thank you for the happiest 3 years of my life with you.


  1. how old are you 2?
  2. how did you meet?
  3. ever stay together multiple nights in a row>?
  4. both the same nationality or local girl or overseas worker girl?
  5. meet each others’ parents?

Was she running a loan scheme?

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Sorry to hear this. Yet another sad tale of relationship woe

Perhaps she cheated on you and this is the bad thing, in which case you’re better off

Maybe she’s got legal, or illegal, trouble on the horizon, in which case she does care but you are better off

Maybe there’s a jealous husband you didn’t know about who had threatened to kill you, and she’s saving your life

Taiwan is the one country where I haven’t had a local GF. I’ve been seeing a fellow non-local for a few months and these recurring threads and stories sure make me glad about it


It is sad but it might just be her not knowing how to say goodbye. Pick up the pieces and move on.

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Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one!


There’s your problem right there.

Yeah, I thought that too but then…

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So she’s just really fucking lame about how to break up with buddy up there.

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