Energy drinks

Groovy, baby.

Thought this was another subtle “Americans are fat” statement.

Good to know that it contains more coke than sugar. Now you’re selling it!

In all seriousness, those drinks are not only unhealthy but disgusting. Do yourself a favor and avoid them.

As for the sizes, yeah, it’s product marketing. They study the local market looking at what’s being sold and they run interviews to see what a couple of randoes say and then they launch. I guess in this case is a confluence of cultural and financial aspects.

But going back to my point: avoid this crap at all costs.

Well, they did say in America everything is bigger.

You really think people don’t know energy drinks are unhealthy? It’s called a vice like ice cream, booze, gambling, or crypto currency

DON’T JUDGE US! :rofl:


Can’t think of a vice easier to avoid. It’s like to be addicted to putting out cigarettes with your tongue.

A lot of them taste like garbage, but some are really good. The energy is also better feeling than coffee. Not everyone shares the same vices.

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You work 16 hour days every day driving delivery.

Do you drink poison, chew poison or snort poison?

Few people choose avoid poison.

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I didn’t know his life was so tough. Sorry to hear that @DogmaticStoic

All I know is Red Bull gives me wings.

Do you drink coffee?
Four or five espressos make me fly much higher than a few cans of red bull and cost less than one.

Combine that with 100mg of tramadol and I become a muse.

To be honest, coffee really wrecks my stomach. I know monster should, but it doesn’t bother me.

I have a friend like that too. One small cup and diarrhea city.

raw coffee beans + extremely variable extractions. Vs lab grade chemicals tested and inspected by the government.

I dont think either are good, but one is at least obviously more consistent.

I dont drink tea much, coffee less and canned chemical soups never for the exact reason I feel sick as fuck, destroys my sleep cycle and is generally a terrible thing to do. But at the same time, I respect people having an addiction and filling it. Or just wanting it, that should be a right. As long as they dont harm others, all good. I think machinery operation is probably the variable that is worth exploring because people do die and get injured.

I can’t put espressos in a bidon. Half a Red Bull in my bidon really helps get me going.

I am thinking of reducing drastically my coffee intake because of those reasons.

I use to drink Red Bull and vodka as every second drink to keep me from falling over, back in the days when I used to party.
Now it just makes me want to crawl up a wall and die.

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Maybe we are all just describing a degraded body and blaming the chemicals for our life choices :upside_down_face:

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Update: carrefour Tamsui has the full sized cans! About 200 Ntd for a 4 pack

The sugar free white ones too