Energy Vampires

An interesting topic that I like to look up from time to time is “Energy Vampires.” It’s fun to read because you’ll see anything from people that are negative nancys and rub that negativity on to you, to people that are actually out on a mission to suck the life force from you through some kind of mental gymnastics associated with talking and strange eye contact (actually, I don’t know, but that sounds good.)

  1. Have you heard the concept of energy vampiers?
  2. Do you agree with it?

the rest of the questions assume you agree with the concept.

  1. What do you do to combat energy vampires?
  2. Do you believe in actual energy vampires that somehow suck the life force out of you?

I think everyone can agree with the basic model of EVs. A negetive person that tends to bring that negativity everywhere and puts it on you for no reason (or maybe with reason.) But what about ones that are somehow sucking the life force out of you? Have you ever had one of those experience when after talking with someone for a while you feel drained (like life force drained.)

I can remember having one, but that was a long time ago.

dicuss :slight_smile:

Just wrote a huge tract about my ex-bf, then realised it was entirely inappropriate as he’ll be getting into work about now (and reading this)…

But yes, a few people in my office do this. Sighs, complaining about the boss, etc. They are Kryptonite to me.

But then again, he wouldn’t know I was writing about him. EVs never know they are EVs. Or do they?

I know one right now. And I have to work with him this weekend. I have 100 times asked him to stop complaining. He won’t quit. Last time I spoke to him he was complaining about not having friends. When I tried to explain that it was because he was always saying bad about everything and everyone he started insulting me.
He sucks. (pun intended)

I’ve worked with some EV’s. They complained that the work was too hard, they didn’t get any chances to hear about what worked for other classes or to share ideas.

I set up teacher’s meetings so we could discuss those things.

They spent the first meeting talking about how bad their kids were, how annoying the parents were, and how cheap the tickets to Hong Kong were. They spent the second one flipping through the information they had asked for, but hadn’t bothered looking over beforehand, and complaining about how tough their jobs were.

The meetings lasted for two weeks - the first one and the last one.

My boss rewarded them with the jobs of their choices. I moved onto better things and onto better teachers.

Children are EVs they just suck all the energy out of you, you know they do.

Stand back watch flames


“Sorry, I don’t have time to listen to this. I prefer to surround myself with people who are more positive about life than you. Come back when you have something positive to say.” Follow this by plugging ears and humming loudly. Works almost as well as garlic. :smiley:

I learned to eat lunch by myself.

Between the white trash drug addict stories… talking about how trashed they or so-and-so got at the latest boozefest, which for some of them was every night… and the latest round of complaints, I was much happier, even though I was alone.
Sometimes I joined in conversations like when they started talking about how to do their taxes and I said that they might owe this year as I had so unpleasantly found out. Then one of them, who was leaving this summer, said, “Well, I’m not going to pay.” And rolled her eyes when I informed her that they might not let her out of the country if she owed money.

A few months later, right before she was supposed to leave, she got a letter in the mail from the tax bureau and was panicking about what to do.

All I could do was listen and :unamused: .

actually the term is “emotional vampires”, a book by the same title. check amazon. it’s pretty interesting.

I call them “soul suckers”.

as Imaniou said, It’s often better to be alone than to hang with people who suck your energy.

If I’m tired or grumpy, I might just be the one who is doing the sucking. Is there a better way to write that? I’m tired.

Sometimes it’s good to join in even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes it can change or even create energy.

For instance: I’m not crazy about karaoke. It’s OK. I’m just not crazy about it. A job I had threw a party and demanded that I come. I kind of had to go, even though I was tired, I don’t drink, not my thing, etc. I went anyway, and sat there like a lump in a bad mood for a while until I had some tea, relaxed a bit, and agreed to sing a couple of songs. I ended up having a really good time, without getting snagged in the wacky too much booze mentality and distaste for home-sung mandopop. I felt that I had made a potentially bad situation work for me. I still left early, and I’m still not crazy about Karaoke, but at least I made the situation work for me without sitting there like an unhappy lump. And everyone was graced by my angelic singing skills. la.