Enforcement of visitation rights

My wife has stopped me from seeing or having any contact with my three year old son, for eight months now. Finally my lawyers have obtained a court order which gives me the right to take him every other weekend, plus for two weeks every half year. This is just a provisional order, we are not divorced yet and of course I will try for full custody.

My wife has already refused to comply with the court order several times, however my lawyers tell me that the court is reluctant to enforce the order, saying that it would not be practical to do so every time my wife refused to comply, i.e. every two weeks. Instead, the court propose to fine my wife, God only knows how much. We are waiting for the court’s decision.

After taking so long to get the order (my wife’s lawyer played the usual games to slow the court process down), it seems now that the court is too lazy to enforce it. God knows what fine they are proposing, but it would have to be a lot to force my wife to comply with the order.

If anyone has any experience in a similar situation I would appreciate to hear from you. It’s so disheartening when a man’s basic right to see his son, and the son’s right to be with his father, can be so easily denied by a vindictive mother and the courts don’t have the balls or will to do anything about it.

An update on this. The court never enforced the order. It went through all of the motions, to save face and all of that nonsense. The lawyers will feed you all the BS they need to, while they clock up more chargeable time. My whole story is in the parenting section, anyone who fears they may get into a similar situation to me should read it in order to prepare better and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to them.

A very Happy New Year to all the mothers and fathers out there, make the best of the time you have with your children !

To both pgdaddy and pg171, I really feel for you guys. It must be like a living nightmare. I hope someone in that messed up legal system sees the nonsense of all this and actually starts doing something.
I don’t know if that would be beneficial or not, but I guess there is nothing much to lose: write your story to newspapers in your homecountry and get media coverage… If everybody in your case did that, it would at least shed some light on the practice of unfair divorce procedures on the island. Might put some pressure on as it will make the island like a total legal madhouse…