Engagement Cookies

Original Title: Wedding Cookies

Since I’ve been at my job this year, I have had to deal with 4 weddings. That means I have gotten 4 BIG ass boxes of cookies that I never finish. The irony of it is, that I could be Bridget Jones, and eat my way into fatness since I’m not even close to being on that road to marital bliss. :unamused:

Anyone else hate those things?

I do, I had to pay for them 80K when I married. Stupid culture …

Bring them to a social gathering where others can help you eat them. Everyone will enjoy them and you wouldn’t have to sit alone and bitch about how awful these cookies are, when they are actually a gift to you. Sue someone for being nice. :unamused:

Where did you get that I was bitching about someone being nice? Hahaha can’t read irony can you? No cookies for you tomorrow. :laughing:

[quote=“belgian pie”]I do, I had to pay for them 80K when I married. Stupid culture …[/quote]:lol: You too eh? At least we covered that expense with the red envelopes collected at the wedding, right? :laughing:

I was just about to suggest you start making these things as it’s a huge business, but then again it’s probably the custom that they taste like crap… Maybe you don’t want to make crappy cookies just for the money.

The whole cookie thing is a racket. The Nu’erhong company is laughing its way to the bank for starting this “tradition”.

Haven’t seen them yet but the wife says all her friends are asking for their cookies and the date for our Tw wedding.

Cookies are for engagements, not weddings, no?

Yes, I’m sure they are for engagements. We didn’t get engaged, so we saved on the cookies and the ring.