Engagement/wedding ring

I was wondering if anyone knows in which hand do women wear their engagement/wedding rings?

For wedding rings, I understand that in Taiwan, the custom is for men to wear them on the left hand, and women on the right. This is because of yin and yang.

That’s something I wonder too…

But in fact I haven’t see no one wearing an event engagement/wedding ring yet

Wearing wedding rings aren’t really part of Taiwan or Chinese culture. It has only been introduced since mid-1900s. Then each sub-culture or religion or family tradition could have additional impact on if, how, where they wear it.

Mostly all around Asia, you can not tell is someone is married by looking at their finger.

If they have them, they may only wear them on the wedding day and then put them away for safe storage, only wear them on special occasions, or follow western traditions which by the way haven’t really been around as long as most people think.

Engagement rings for example weren’t really a tradition for anyone in the world other than royalty until the 1940’s when the diamond company “De Beers” invented the diamond engagement ring through advertising. That is one of the great examples of the influence of advertising.


It’s not a custom here.