Could someone please tell me what finger and of which hand an engagement ring goes on in taiwan? Is it different to the west where it is worn on the left hand on the finger closest to the little finger or is it worn on this finger, but on the right hand in Taiwan?

thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me. :slight_smile:

This is Taiwan, lad. Girls here expect their suitor to provide a diamond ring for EVERY finger on EACH hand.

Middle finger right hand so they can do that “up yours” photo that they all love!

Please guys could i get serious responses. This is a serious question i’m asking.
Thanks again.

Wife just told me that traditionally its not the same as in the Western tradition. But its not set in stone, pun intended. She says right hand, either middle finger or ring finger.

Is the ring finger the finger nearest to the little finger? So in taiwan generally it is the right hand?
Would there be any other reason why a woman may wear a ring on her right hand (finger next to little finger)?
Damn if this is the case, it doesn’t bode well for me.

Yes. She might just like wearing it there. Its probably not a signal, as most Taiwanese blokes wouldn’t recognize the significance.
Anyway, why not just ask her? Seems the easiest solution to me.

[quote=“boo”]Please guys could I get serious responses. This is a serious question I’m asking.
Thanks again.[/quote]

My response was serious - for once. They really do like having the “up yours” photo.