England 1 Argentina 0

England 1 Argentina 0

Only the English fans will understand how fantastic that is…

England for the Cup

The Tavern was a writhing bed of patriotic Englishmen tonight…if only they hadn’t stolen their flag from Switzerland.

I SOOOOOO wanted Argentina to win …

Oh God, the embarrassment! I confess to a momentary surge of pleasure when nancy-boy scored his penalty.

I’ll spend the rest of the evening poking sharp objects into my rectum as penance for my sins.

Damn those Argies! They really let me down.


I must admit, Beckham really knows how to get his balls in to the back of the net.

Fair play to the white man, he scored a cracking goal.

Still a bit pissed, but enjoyed the gem.

`mon Brasil

36 more years of hurt if you please.

Cheers Brasil.

The Samba boys pulled it off!


A red-letter day for sure!


Better to have played in the world cup and lost, than not to have played there at all !!!

Hopefully Brazil will now go on to win the cup and not the Germans, that would be sacriligic.

FU Sandy! You’re just a big scottish wanker.
What IS IT WITH THE TAIWANESE supporting the Brazilians!!!
As usual, they’re only following trends, and not setting their own…

Obviously they think Brazil is the hot team so they were out at the pubs screaming their asses off for them today. Funny, but Portuguese isn’t the international lingua franca, is it???
La Isla Formosa–ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Now Yanks, it’s NOT a shame if you win even if 95% of your countrymen won’t even register it…

Perhaps in common with the rest of the world, they don’t like the English ? I dunno, just a guess…

OK, here’s the thing. I’m supposed to be a wanker cos I support Brazil rather than England?

Why? Am I supposed to support England just because … because what?

Where I was brought up is probably closer to Scandinavia than it is to London, so I presumably wouldn’t be so quick to play with my plonker if I rooted for Norway or something? Given that my dickwad team didn’t even qualify, of course.

I went for Brazil cos I thought they were the better team, and guess what? I was proved correct.

Psssst! Wanna hear something even more heinous?

Imagine a Scotsman not supporting England ! Next you’ll be telling me you want the Germans to win !!

Why can

Brazil? N

Oh dear.

Dunno what peg-leg was doing taking a penalty. That groin strain must’ve affected his brain…

oh well…korea it is, let’s hope.