England football shirt/soccer jersey?

As many of you probably know, the World Cup is approaching fast. I’m off to see the England v USA game with my American buddies on the 12th, but I can’t find an England shirt anywhere. I’m in a small township called Beidou, which is near Yuanlin, which is near Changhua and Taichung.

Someone told me I’d need to go to a specialist store to find one, so does anyone know where the nearest football/soccer shop to me is?

I found one in Taichung in the end…152 Chaoma Road in Situn District if anyone is interested.

I’ve seen most of the countries in various adidas stores too I think.

Yup, if your team’s kit is made by Adidas or Nike you’re laughing, but Umbro seems to be a bit obscure in Taiwan :wink:

Third floor of Guanhwa Market -yes, really, in the computer market. Soccer and basketball T-shirts.

are the ones at guanghua official?

No idea. Sorry. :blush:

I’ve seen (genuine) shirts from various countries in the sport shops on Tingzhou Rd (the one everyone pronounces as Dingzhou), near Gongguan MRT.

I tried today along Dingzhou and found no English jerseys, although there were a number of other countries represented. Those shops just told me they didn’t have any from England; the third floor in Guanghua told me they were sold out for England, which was marginally more promising but still not what I wanted to hear.

DingZhou and Guanghua both had official looking jerseys. Official official? No idea.