English 4 U?

I’m interested in an editing position with a company called English 4 U and would like to hear from anyone who has actually worked for this place.

I’m aware of the income and hours relative to editing compared to teaching, so please do not post opinions or info on that topic.

Just would like to find out a little more about this particular place from present or former employees.

Cheers :notworthy:

BE AFRAID…BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!! (Well, sort of.)

I admit it (finally)…I’m “Trixie Riverview”…used to record for Landmine English, English 4U, etc. etc. They’re all under the “American Magazine Corporation” banner. “English Disgust” too.

If you go in tough – i.e., get a written contract and make them stick to it – you’ll be okay. They are not out to cheat anyone overtly (at least they weren’t during the years I was with them, and I believe I hold the record for lasting the longest with that company as a broadcaster :bravo: ) but I’ve had little “incidents” with them such as their sending me to the Tax Office with a tax form with whiteout on it, or “forgetting” to issue it, stuff like that. Eventually all was straightened out but it took some leaning on them.

The problem with “4U” and “A plus” is that you only have like 50 English words to work with. Makes for a real challenge coming up with unique stuff. But feel free to work in puns that only native speaker broadcasters will “get”. We particularly enjoyed the lesson on sailing, something about tying up…you can imagine where THAT one went. All under the radar, too. :smiley: