English books and DVDs in Taipei

I’m a newb to Taiwan and I have been trying to learn stuff on my own and explore, but I would really like to be able to relax and read a good book or watch a movie. So hopefully someone can help. I searched the forum and didn’t find that much information about where to get English language fiction or cheap US movies. I found that people used to like Page 1 in Taipei 101 but that it has downsized now and I’ve already checked out an eslite bookstore and didn’t find much English fiction. So if anyone has any suggestions of places to get cheap(ish) books or DVDs in Taipei, I would appreciate it!

There are some threads on where to sell (or buy) used books, so perhaps you could check out the info in them?

I found a book I was looking for from 書林書站 www.bookman.com.tw - going in it looked like they had a lot of English books and if you ask the counter they can check their wares and other locations for a book you can’t find.

“page one” book store
fifth or fourth floor of taipei 101