English bookstores in Taoyuan

Does anyone know where the bookstores stocking English titles (particularly Vietnamese phrasebooks like the ones by Lonely Planet) might be found in Taoyuan? We’re there tomorrow, and would really like a heads-up. Thanks!

You’d probably be better off going to Page One or Eslite in Taipei. In Taoyuan, there are two Eslite branches which carry mostly books in Chinese. The few English books you will see on the shelves will be bestsellers, not Vietnamese phrasebooks.

When I used to live in Kaohsiung I would buy my books from Page one (101 Taipei), via fax order.

The guy I used to deal with is called Mitch, his email is mitch_huang@pageonegroup.com, not sure if he still works there. He speaks good English, is very friendly and helpful.

Thanks a bunch, guys! Page One absolutely rocks!