English chat group members wanted


Hey guys

We started an English chat group on “LINE” (a social app) with roughly 30 people now - click here to join with your LINE ID

Since most of us live in Taiwan and are no longer students, we don’t usually have opportunity to talk/text chat in English in daily life.
And having this group does allow us to chat in English all the time with various topics.

Now, we are hoping to find more people to join us. If you are interested in it and happen to have installed “Line”, please send me a message or use your phone to read this QR Code:


I would love to, I have LINE! Does have any limit to joint? Like race or age…


Hi, I just finish my study in UK and come back Taiwan,
Is it possible to join the chat group,
All the best




I’m currently back in the UK but I’ll be moving to Taipei soon!


May I join the line group?
Thanks a lot.


May I join the line group?


Is it post still active?


Hello all

The group still exists. It’s just not as active as it used to be.
If you guys still wish to join, then please leave your LINE ID here. Thanks.


Please send me your LINE ID :slight_smile:


Please send me your LINE ID :slight_smile:


Yes, please send me your LINE ID:)


Sure, please send me your LINE ID:)


Sure, please send me your LINE ID :slight_smile:


Race or age? It doesn’t matter… Just some basic etiquette rules… :slight_smile:

Send me your LINE ID then I will invite you to the group… Thanks.


Add me up as well brother. Line ID is robertpettersen


I did not realize this group has been active for 2 years. What kind of things do you do or discuss there?


Hi,my Line ID is chienyu1114
Thank you~


Hello, I would like an invite too please
Line ID: quoezil



It isn’t active.