English/Chinese MSN Problem

My wife (Taiwanese) and I share the same computer at home. It uses an English operating system (Windows).

My wife wants to chat with her friends via MSN so she wants to download the Taiwan version from: tw.msn.com/

BUT, every time we click on the download page, it goes to a download web page in English (join.msn.com/messenger/overview2000) = which will only let us download the English version.

So, any idea on how can we download Taiwan MSN?

This is driving us mad. PLEEEEEEEEEASE save our sanity.


You do not need the TW version to be able to chat in chinese, you just need to correctly setup your windows to allow for typing etc of chinese.

I assume your wife will want to use the standard input method here of bopomofo, but she might prefer using Changjie etc, if you let me know then will give you instructions of how to perform this, but be warned, depending on your current setup then it might neeed the use of the XP cd, so if you do not have this then could be difficult

From my experience, it depends on what Country you have selected in your MSN account profile.
So if I login with my account which has “Singapore” as country, the downloads come up in english, if I change my account to country “Hong Kong” everthing gets redirected to the Chinese site.

Give it a try.


no need to download MSN in different languages.

english version is fine, especially since your XP is english.

just to go control panel, regional and language options, and add east asian languages.
this may require the WinXP CD.

Once the files are installed and machine rebooted, go back to language settings and this time click the “details” button under input languages.

Then just add Chinese Taiwan, and all the different input methods you want.
So you can have ChangJie, phonetics (bopomo)… but make sure you install Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a.

That can be set to either bomopo or Hanyu pinyin with text prediction.

I am trying to get the chinese language options, but as you said, it requires the XP cd. My verson of XP is legal, meaning it came with the computer, which I bought seccond hand. I don’t have the cd. You say without the cd it may be difficult, but not impossible. Any ideas on how I should proceed?



Hi Penny,

Any Windows XP CD will do. Just ask around your friends if they can borrow you one.
It does not have to be the one that came with your PC as your license information is already on your PC.