English Computer Books, Mail order or Kaohsiung

I’m in need of a book like “Windows 2000 Bible” for XP professional and a book that contains everything you need to know about Windows Mobile 5. Those books usually weigh a ton.

Is there a mail order store or book retailer that stocks or can special order them at reasonable prices?

If you’ve used any of these Resources Books, what do you recommend? I really enjoyed “Windows 2000 Bible” by Michael Desmond.

Have you tried the Eslite bookstore? They’re quite comprehensive and have a lot of English books.

Page One in Taipei has a large selection of computer books.

If you’re in Taipei, go to Chung Qing North Road at Taipei Main Station. There are a ton of stores selling English computer books.

You should go to Tenlong Books, 107 Chongqing S. Road Sec. 1, Taipei. They have a bigger selection of English-language computer books than I’ve even seen in the US.