English computer books

where can i find a bookstore or any kind of store that sell an english computer books, because all the books that i saw was in english. computer books here are very good and nice. please help me. :smiley: please point that near in hsinchu thanks :smiley:

I’m not entirely sure if this is possible but PageOne (in taipei) might let you order over the telephone if you know exactly which title you are after?

and if you aren’t able to find an english bookstore in your area… there’s always online bookstores in amazon, etc


have U tried ebooks? Can just buy and download off the net almost any computer book from C++ to mastering Unix…to building your own PCs…

YOu can try www.tenlong.com.tw

It’s on chungching road ehhh across from a TGIF friday’s restaurant between the presidential palace and the train station.

Maybe more posters can help with the location.

Page one has a large selection. They will order in any book you need too.

thanks guyz maybe ill try in taipei in the future, i cant buy in the Net, i dont have any credit card. :smiley: but i really want the english version of the taiwanese computer books :smiley:

How come you want the english version of the taiwanese computer books?

All the taiwanese computer books I’ve seen in Taiwan are translated english computer books into Chinese.

Maybe you mean you want the original english version of the computer books.

I’ve only so far saw english computer books at pageone at taipei101.

I’ve already posted this before.

[quote]Your best bet is Tianlong Bookstore at 107 Chongqing S Rd, Sec 1. They have the best selection of English language computer (including all flavors of Unix and Linux) books/magazines in Taiwan.


[quote=“kurtapyo”]How come you want the English version of the Taiwanese computer books?

All the Taiwanese computer books I’ve seen in Taiwan are translated English computer books into Chinese.

Maybe you mean you want the original English version of the computer books.

I’ve only so far saw English computer books at pageone at taipei101[/quote]

really?! wow cool, i thought it was created by a taiwanese/chinese authors. because, i dont see that kind of computer books from the country where i came from, philippines. thanks

yeah, thanks, but the website is only in taiwanese version.


yeah, thanks, but the website is only in Taiwanese version.[/quote]

Try looking for this button.


It’s the chinese characters for english.

It is not fully in english but as a computer guy/girl I am sure you will find a way.

You guys must be going to a different Page One than I’ve been to, cause their English computer book selection sucks in my opinion. I haven’t had a reason to go to Ten Long yet but I’ve browsed their website several times and they’ve always had several choices for even fairly obscure stuff.

I may be picky though, I was spoiled by the Computer Literacy book store in San Jose for several years which was a huge bookstore of almost entirely computer and electronics books. Unfortunately they got caught up in the Internet craze, got bought out by another online bookstore and then closed their retail stores and shortly after went bankrupt.

Actually I’d be satisfied even with what a Barnes & Noble would have for a computer section, but Page One still falls well short of this. If you want basic windows or linux stuff they’ll have it, but the more advanced stuff like the O’Reilly books are Chinese only.

Jlick, I’ve been there for computer books twice - final cut pro and express, and both times they didn’t have the version I wanted. They ordered it in for me no probs though. That doesn’t bother me.

The first few weeks after Page One opened, I went and found a lot of english O’Reilly books I needed. Every time I return, I find less and less good English books and more and more “for Dummies”-type books in English and Chinese.

I used to go to this bookstore while I was still assigned in Singapore. I forgot the actual name but it was located at the Funan IT Mall. They specialize mainly on IT books and sometimes/oftentimes their prices are much lower than the printed US or Canadian tag prices. You can also order books from them through the net. The website is www.compbook.com.sg

That reminds me… If you ever go to South Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc.) they have a publisher there called SPD that sells licensed local reprints of the O’Reilly books for about 1/6th the US price. The paper isn’t as good, and they don’t have all the latest stuff, but it’s a great way to build up your library. They are only licensed for South Asia and parts of Africa.

If you need to get an older book maybe 1 to 2+ years old then try this place.


Ten Long Computer Book Co. Ltd.
Massive selection of computer books in English.
They have a store on the bookstore street near Taipei Main Station.
(02) 2331-8868

You could also try eMule…

yeah thanks for the sites dudes :slight_smile: