English entertainment/club mags for Taipei?

So I got spoiled in Tokyo with English-language magazines like “Metropolis” that had weekly club & entertainment listings, art & theater stuff, restaurant reviews, etc. Never at a loss for things to do or info on where/when/how to find them.

Is there anything similar to be had in Taipei? If so, where is it distributed? I’ve checked the “Highway 9” and “Taiwanease” sites, but they seem to be buggy and/or rarely updated. Anything else available online or in print? Maybe I missed the up-to-date info on here?


I’m kind of out of the loop about this sort of thing, but I’ve seen an online magazine called Taiwan Fun:
Hope this helps.

TaiwanFun is great if you want advertisements for the Zone from 10 years ago.
Try taiwannights.com/ for up-to-date party info.
It’s far from perfect, but I’d say it’s the best party guide for Taiwan.

Ok, thanks for the replies! I guess I just have to keep working on Mandarin so I can find more local stuff.