English fiction in Taipei

Any good shops in Taipei for buying new/second hand English fiction? While I’ve found a few stores with fairly large English language sections, they tend to be almost exclusively focused on business management / computer science / walrus polishing / insert other dull non-fiction subject here.

I’m not after anything particularly elusive… I would like to replace my Douglas Adams collection that got left behind and find some modern fiction like Paul Auster, Margaret Atwood etc.

I guess I could use Amazon etc. but I enjoy browsing and would like a good second hand resource.

If you are in Taipei: the Municipal Library on Jian Guo Rd (Daan Park East side) has an esoteric collection of western lit. on the 5th floor. I’ve found lots of interesting stuff amongst the copies of “Let’s Go Botswana 1989”

Try Whose Books on zhong shan north rd. Sec. 6 No.764 second floor. 02 2872 5366. They have a selection of second hand fiction. I go maybe once a month to have a quick look and buy anything that looks interesting.

It is near the American school, you can walk from what I think is called the Tian mu “circle”.


For new books: Page One in Taipei101 is miles ahead of any other bookshop for English books.

There’s a guy who advertises every now and then used books. I’ve bought a number of volumes off him. Check out the classifieds.

Very true, but they’re also expensive. Bought two books yesterday, spent $1165, ouch, and both were discounted 10%-20%. Forced myself not to browse, just grabbed what I went for and pretended I had blinders on.

Caves Books on Zhongshan N. Rd. has an OK selection of paperbacks, too. And I toss in my vote for Whose Books - they’re upstairs and easy to miss the entrance if you’re not paying close attention.

Thanks guys. Looks like I have a busy weekend ahead.

Casa de Socrates also has an interesting random selection of used books:

Casa de Socrates
2F, No. 3, Lane 49, Shi-Da Road

There are more details on it in another thread if you search for it.