English home pick up airport taxi service

700-800 nt from your doorstep straight to CKS.
09309 44 159. :wink:

Is pickup by a van or car?

We have taxis at the moment but a van will be available from next week.

olison, sounds like a good idea, some questions:

  1. From Anywhere in Taiwan to CKS?
  2. Operation Time?
  3. CKS to your home?
  4. NT$700-$800 per person or per ride?
  5. Are you licensed?
  6. What kind of cars?
  1. Taipei / and Taipei county - but are moving into long distance rides
  2. TRICKY - taxis are fined if they are found to be operating FROM (not to) CKS aipport without the correct permit. We have one driver who does.
    In the future we plan to have an online booking service whereby people coming to Taiwan can book a cab if they provide us with a flight no. which we would then check to see if they are on schedule, as drivers are not likely to wait if plane is going to be delayed.
  3. Per person. For two people 900, for 3 - not sure yet.
    5+6. Vehicles are all licensed taxis with licensed drivers.
  1. Per person. For two people 900, for 3 - not sure yet.

Why should it be more for more than one person. Taxis dont charge “per person” here in Taiwan. It should be per car. If I want to take my family to the airport then we can hire the airport van services that charge 900-1000 per van irregardless of how many people are in it. Whats the advantage for this service then?

Your’e probably right, I was pricing under the assumption that airport services came to 1200.

But a lot of drivers do charge extra for extra bodies on longer journeys.

It is early days at the moment, and we are just testing the market to find out what people will go for and what they won’t.

i met a taxi driver about a year ago and still use him everytime i must go somewhere.his english is good and he lived in south africa for 10 years.he always asks me about 600nt from taoyuan city to the airport,2 people.
u can trust this guy and ive never missed a flight before.his always 5 minutes early.
his name is charlie and his number is 0927202072.
tell him marius from south africa gave u the number.

I pay 200Nt from Taoyuan to CKS, ask them to turn on the meter
The other way is to take the aiport bus, 50NT

Airport service rides sometimes charge per person, it’s up to the service. In the US this is certainly the case in some areas.

Olison, what kind of cars do you have? I want to ride in something halfway decent. If the car is piece of junk, you are going to have to pay me to ride in it. Are they yellow taxis or regular cars?

proper licensed taxis (most are toyotas) - and if you’re really lucky the driver might be wearing a shirt.