English language comic books?

Anybody know of any other places to buy English language comic books other than Page One? Their stock is ok, but a bit cutesy for me.

Any ideas?

Check the stickied [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/finding-english-books-in-taiwan/1037/1 stores[/url] thread in A&E. I seem to remember a couple of comic book references in there. Make sure to read to the very end, though, some shops mentioned in the beginning might not exist anymore.


FNAC has some I recall.

Thanks as always…

Page One at 101 has a pretty good selection.

The OP wrote:


Shoosh you :laughing:

That said, I don’t see how it’s too cutesy… they’ve got Preacher and Sandman and all that stuff, a lot of the standard Marvel and DC stuff, quite a few of the smaller publishers… but each to their own…

Actually I should have said their selection of Japanese manga is a bit too cutesy for me :blush: … Yeah, I noticed all the Sandman and Preachers there…

Thanks again…always appreciated