English Language Graduate Programs

Hi everyone!

I recently came back from studying Mandarin in Taipei for a few months, and miss it there like crazy. Since I was planning on going to grad school soon anyway, I wondered if anyone knew of and good English language Masters programs in Taiwan (preferably Taipei). I’m looking for anything related to Biology/Microbiology/Biomedical Science. Since my Mandarin is not that good (I was only in the beginner class), the program MUST be taught in English. Also, are Taiwanese degrees readily accepted as valid in the United States? I would think so, but you never know.

Thanks so much!

I don’t have any specific programme details, but you might want to try looking at the websites of individual unis, also the ‘Study in Taiwan’ site (I’ll look up the URL later if you can’t search it yourself). There are a number of technology/science programmes available in English and, given the almost everything here is modelled around US things, I can’t see why anyone would object to a TW uni awarded degree in the States. :laughing:

If you’re quick, you can even apply for the Taiwan Scholarship Programme for September.

Funny, you and I must cancel each other out. You can’t wait to get back here and I’m very keen to get home!! :smiley:

Good hunting! :discodance:

This should get you to the right place for NTU. I’m not sure how often it’s updated though.

oia.ntu.edu.tw/degree/admiss … C_00000092

If you’re thinking about working outside academia, a degree from overseas universities always carries some inherent risk. However, if you stuck with the top universities such as NTU or NTHU you should be ok.

In academia, I’d say you don’t have to worry about it as much, especially in the sciences. Most universities in Taiwan have publication requirements for their graduate programs, so if you can manage to get papers published in decent international journals that should be sufficient proof that you worked hard and well enough during your graduate years.

You’ll find a higher concentration of English-taught courses at schools like NTU and NTHU, that is if you can manage to get in to those places. Be forewarned that there are very few programs that are coursework-only masters so you would have to do some kind of research with very little pay, especially at the MS level. You should also allocate 2-3 years for a MS as well.