English MS Office 2003

Hi all,

I am a natural born computer idiot. My computer died so this time around I am going to take very good care of it.

Last night I went to 3C and they are selling English Office Teacher/Student 2003 version for $5350. Today I went to Guang Hua Market and two stores say they can order it for $3000-$4000. That is quite a big price difference so I am thinking maybe those would be illegal copies at Guang Hua?

The Chinese version is almost half that. Is $5350 the standard price here? Where else should I check out?

I also have some computer questions I just don’t know where to begin to ask. I am wondering if anyone on this forum would feel comfortable enough answering them and advising me over the phone.

Thank you,

If you’re not very familiar with computers, then I guess you just use what people at the shop tell you to. However, there are lots of free software available even on Windows. For text processing and more, you could have a look at OpenOffice. I’m pretty sure it does more than you ever need. I personally got rid of MS Office about ten years ago, only had to use it on the job, but now even there I’m using OpenOffice.

Did I mention it’s free? That would be a difference of 3000~5350 then… :wink:

I had a look on Apple’s website, and the Mac version of Office 2004 has an academic price of US$150 which is NT$5000. I presume that for Windows, it would be the same or cheaper. Make sure they’re both offering the latest edition of the software.

I would be very surprised if they were tying to sell you pirates at such a high price. Despite all the RIAA/MPAA/etc rhetoric, I haven’t seen any visible piracy in the fifteen months that I’ve been in Taipei. Nonetheless, I can’t imagine that the going rate would be more than, say, NT$300 per pirated disk.