English OS & Chinese input for Supermemo?

I bought an Acers60 PDA a few weeks back. I thought I would rather have an English interface for my diary etc. and so had an English OS put in the thing. Now I’m thinking I might have done something stupid. . .

After installing the Oxford dictionary and Supermemo I was all ready to start making myself some flashcards on Supermemo when I suddenly realized that I don’t know how I am going to actually enter Chinese into them!

Reading back through the earlier posts on using a palm with supermemo, I noticed that Ironlady said you need a chinese OS to produce Supermemo flashcards in Chinese. Is this the only way, or is there some way around this?

I guess I was originally thinking I would just install the Big4 fonts on the palm, then use NJStar to type flashcards, then cut and paste. . . But something tells me this is not going to work!

Hope someone who has done this before can help.

Thanks! And apologies for any stupidity displayed in this post!

Hmm. . . Did some more searching through the archives and found a post on the CJKOS. I guess this is what I need. It won’t replace my existing enlgish display, but will just let me use Chinese if I need to, right?

Guess it is time to download it and see. . .

You can also try handragon (formerly Palmdragon) at www.pd.com.tw. This is the most commonly bundled Chinese system in Taiwan. It has Chinese handwriting recognition too.

Assuming we are talking about Palm OS, I’ve been using the following Big 5-compliant Chinese software for my Palm for about three years. Unline the Dragon thing, which is pretty impressive, it does not take over your system as a “Chinese system.” It is a very low-impact program that lets you input Chinese in the basic Palm functions, and other 3rd party programs that support Big 5 encoding. You can retain all English interfaces. It comes with large and small fonts, traditional and simplified fonts, Hong Kong subset fonts, and a few input methods, including “be-pe-me-fe” and Hanyu Pinyin. There is a small registration fee to unlock the program from having to be enabled each time you use it. Otherwise, it integrates seamlessly into the system:


With Palmdragon/HandDragon you can turn the Chinese system off if you like. BTW there is a new, even slicker Chinese package with the new Tungsten Palm. You can turn this off as well.

Is your Acer 60 working right? I got one awhile back and returned it the next day. Real pretty but it kept crashing on me, and there was no resetting it – I mean even hard resetting didn’t work…

Sticking with my monochrome Visor for now…

I tried installing CJKOS on my Acers60 and it just won’t work. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I have the ‘cManager’ and ‘CJKOS’ icons on Palm display. But if I click on ‘CJKOS’ followed by ‘enable’ to try to get the thing running, the system crashes and I have to do a soft reset.

Shouldn’t be a memory problem since I have over 10000K free after the installation.

I haven’t registered the software yet, but presumably that is not the problem either.

Any ideas on this? Is it likely to be some incompatibility between the Acer s60 and this software, or could I be doing something wrong?

Ironlady, my Acer s60 was doing fine until I tried to put CJKOS on it. No problems with crashing or anything. But then I haven’t exactly been asking it to do anything very much - just playing with the dictionary really.

Actually, the Oxford dictionary occasionally acts a little strange, but I think these are just small bugs in the dictionary rather than the Palm itself.

Jeremy, maybe I should try your suggestion rather than CJKOS. The ‘Big-5/GB All Version with easy setup program’ download should give me what I need, right?

It’s not totally certain that the “ChOS” will work with your Acer model running Palm OS. I notice that the author of the program has versions or patches for the Sony Clie and other specific Palm models.

It is worth trying. Backup your data first.

I assume the Big-5/GB All version is what you want. When I installed it there was no automatic installer. If you don’t need simplified fonts, just go with the Big-5 only. It will take up less space on your Palm.

I still can’t get anything to work. . .

Unless there is something very basic that I am doing wrong, it is looking like this software is incompatable with my palm model (Acer s60). But is that possible? Surely anything running a Palm OS sould have no problems with Palm OS software? Or am I assuming too much?

My dictionary installed fine, so that indicates that I am capable of installing software properly (just reassuring myself here).

But neither CJKOS or ChOS will work. In both cases, when I run the program my display goes blank or starts flashing, and I an unable to either enter any further commands, or move back to the previous screen. The only solution seems to be a soft reset.

I guess I will try installing Palm Dragon later today and see how that works.

If that doesn’t work can anyone recommend a shop with clued up staff who might be able to help? Staff who speak English would be nice.

But I guess this problem involves software that most locals wouldn’t be using on an Acer s60, so maybe this avenue is a waste of time.

Oh well. . .

If Palm Dragon doesn’t work then maybe I should just take the thing back and exchange it for something else.

Try uninstalling the Oxford Dictionary and installing your Chinese software first. I had some similar problems with a Palm after I installed the Oxford Dictionary with HandDragon.

As for a shop, you could try one of the Gozli locations (www.gozli.com.tw). The staff at their Guanghua store is quite helpful, Don’t know if they speak English though.

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