English pen pals

I live in Canada, and spent last December teaching people in Taipei how to work with their dogs, and I also taught some veterinarians at the vet school in Taipei.

Now I am back in Canada, and wanting to open a branch of the SPCA in Taiwan.

I want to start with attitude changing, through the children. I have some contact with school teachers in N. America, who would be interested in their students communicating with Taiwanese pet owners…also children of course.

If you have a class of pet owners, that would like to be ‘pen pals’ and also practice writing in English, I would like to hear from you. I tried to send this last week, but I guess it didn’t go.

I did set my membership up, here, to list my personal e-mail address, so if you know how to find that (I don’t!) you can certainly reply privately. However, I will also receive replies to this post - if it goes, this time!

Also, I am planning to return to do more seminars, and public education, and am looking for agents in all areas of Taiwan.