English School For Sale

Legal English School For Sale.

Legal cram school for sale in central Taiwan less than than an hour from Taichung.

The School has been in business for nearly 20 years now. It’s a business with a fantastic reputation in the local community. We are known as the best.

The school has a large number of students, it would be most suitable for a foreign/ mixed couple working together as a team. We would hope you would continue our curriculum so as to cause minimum disruption to the students. This would also be to your advantage.

The school has very large revenues. We will give you more accurate figures once we have met. Costs including rent and salaries are low. There is considerable room to expand the business with a classroom being unused at key times.

You would be buying a going concern , lock stock and barrel, with everything there and ready to take over from us on the agreed date. We would of course provide you with all the help you needed including training and how we do it. This would of course be beneficial to you but also our students.

Truth is , it’s a fantastic opportunity to be your own bosses , make a difference in the education of your students where you put your priorities for them first without an owner breathing down your neck. You will also have an incredible income, not just considerably better than what you make now working for your cram school. It is a lifetime of difference!

Ideally the main foreign teacher will be an experienced teacher who loves dealing with kids of all ages and who knows what makes them tick.

You will need to be able to teach, love to teach.

I have been deliberately vague as to where we are and who we are and will continue to be even after we have initially spoken and verified that you have or can raise the money to buy our school.

Reason for selling, personal, it breaks our hearts to do it but it is what it is.

Please let’s not waste each other’s time, if you are interested please write to: