English Services?

Does that “New Life” church on Dunhua and Renai have English services? For that matter, what churches have English services?

The Saturday edition of the ‘China Post’ (English version of course) has a section with listings for about a half dozen or more places that offer English services.

I noticed the Methodist church on Xinsheng S. Road has an English service at 10:30 A.M. on Sundays. I haven’t been yet, but will check it out one of these days. There is a MRT station on the Luzhou line that just opened up almost next door. It’s the station close to Xinsheng/Zhongxiao intersection. Exit 6. Taipei Wesley Methodist.

Ours does, corner of Zhongxiao and Fuxing.

Grace Church in Tianmu has English services at 9 am. Mingde MRT stop–turn left onto Mingde Rd. when you come out of the station and walk until you see the Wellcome store on the left. The English church meets on B2 (Chinese church on first level).

Grace Baptist near TaiDa also has English and bilingual services.
The Pearl has English services: thepearlintaipei.com/
Huaining Baptist Church on Huaining Jie will be starting English services on Sunday afternoons in the New Year.

There are more–that’s just off the top of my head right now.

Christ Community Church of Asia has a bilingual service (primarily in English and translated into Mandarin). Here’s the link: http://christcommunitychurchofasia.com/index.html. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT stations, exit #3 and a 3-minute walk (pm me and I’ll escort you). The pastor’s African-American and his wife is Taiwanese. It is a bible-based church with simple but powerful messages and the music is gospel-based. It’s almost surreal at times being in this tiny church in Taipei with a black American pastor leading the way with gospel music. Sometimes we’re treated to a song or two by an ex-jazz singer with a beautiful voice (her Chinese name is “Black Pearl”). I grew up going to Catholic mass and even went to a Jesuit university. I think it’s only now that I’m starting to understand what Christianity is all about.

Friendship Presbyterian Church near Gongguan. Across Roosevelt Rd from Taipower Building and through the alley where 7/11 is.

English service is at 11:00 am on sundays

Calvary International Baptist Church

Young pastor, great sermons, friendly congregation.

And, they believe that the bible is true.

Calvary International Baptist Church
#21 Yang De Blvd., Sec. 2
Yang Ming Shan
Taipei, Taiwan 11149
ph: (02) 2831-3458


The information about St. John’s Cathedral, Taipei(Anglican church):

English service, at 09:00 a.m. on Sunday
Address: No. 280, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
Telephone: (02) 2732-7740
Fax number: (02) 2733-6736
E-mail: stjohn@stjohn.org.tw

The Diocese of Taiwan is part of Province VIII of the US-based Episcopal Church, a member church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. All those who are baptized, including children, are welcome to receive Holy Communion here. Thank you!