English-speaking 4th ed DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) players

I am in the market to start up a new group of DnD, 4th ed. in Taipei, meeting once a week, probably on Saturday afternoons to evenings with socializing afterwards. I can’t seem to find any going through the usual outlets (craigslist, Alchemy, etc.). Does anyone have any resources that could help me locate players (or know of people who play)?

Send me an e-mail at scottty8yourwallet20@gmail.com (take out “your wallet”) if you know of players or respond to the thread if you know of ways to find players… Cheers!

That sounds interesting, but in my case, I won’t be in Taiwan until April, so i’ll have to wait.

Anyway, i’m curious about how many forumosans play the old pen-and-paper RPGs… :slight_smile:

Apparently not many. I was in a group up until now and I know of a group down in Kaohsiung, but it seems like players are pretty reclusive or at least don’t seem to see advertisements for groups…


to be honest, never played DnD before, but its seems to be a quite interesting board games.

Are newbies welcomed?

My last group was my first real gaming experience, although it’s not a board game. It’s role playing with some paper, gridboards with miniature figures (the closest thing to a board) to show encounters, and rolling of dice. But that hardly begins to describe it.

Newbies are welcome, of course, but you will need to read a little to help you become more familiar with the game. Fourth edition is much more newbie-friendly than the previous editions in my humble and it is likely the version we will be playing. Send me a PM with your email address and we can meet up to talk about the game some more! Cheers!

RPGers should come out of the closet…

Here in spain is like that, too… people are afraid to tell others they are role-players (not surprising, considering that when there’s a specially vicious crime, meaning a killing with dismembering, or something like that, and neither the police nor the press have a clue about who did it, they go for “probably done by a couple of role-players”)…


If you’re still up to playing when i got to the island, count me in :slight_smile:

That’s Saturdays. We role play on Sundays.

Ahh,but having spoken with ImaniOU, looks like we are probably gonna switch the two, so we can have a chat/movie/beer/meal after gaming. Other activities aren’t as conducive to digestion, you see.

Ok, it has just occurred to me that perhaps some people might be interested if I was less… !

DnD is easy to learn and very social, and sadly doesn’t consist of unwashed lonely teens dressing up in strange clothes speaking Klingon, nor do we draw pentagrams in virgin blood and recite the Book of Noddy. We do meet up for lunch, play all afternoon in a game that somewhat resembles a computer game, but where one of the players describes the situations that the other players’ bold heroes face, who then respond verbally. Dice are thrown to see if your hero does manage to leap across the flaming pit, or if he trips over his sword and falls in! All disappointingly normal, actually! It is a team game, with everyone working together to overcome the challenges of the adventure/story, being told by the Gamesmaster (who is unwashed, lonely, speaks fluent Klingon, but isn’t a teen and virgins run away from him as fast as they can). Slowly your hero becomes more powerful and skillful, and is more likely to jump across fiery pits without mishap!

It can be quite casual, or quite intense, depending on your own preference. Some spend lots of time during the week reading up on and considering what new skills to learn, whereas some are happy just to take a recommended choice.

We also regularly play board games, from those suitable for new casual players to heavy strategy stuff too.

You have gotta be kidding me. DnD in Taiwan? We will have Rifts in China next.