English Speaking Church in S. Taizhong?

Does anyone know if there’s a church offers service in English in S. district Taizhong? By church, I mean Christian church, so Catholic or Mormon isn’t what I am looking for.

Thank you in advance.

I’m pretty sure there’s a web page on this or even a section of forumosa dedicated to this specific question… did ya do a search?

I did. Saw a one that’s in my area. Wondering if there are more…

ah… sorry… I’m not sure. Unless you are comfortable with more evangelical/less formal kinds of meetings? I know a couple of people at work who have connections to groups like these. IF you wished, I could ask them for contact details.

You mean Protestant church. Catholics are Christians.

Any particular denomination?

Thank you for the all replies. No particular denomination. The one I went in Taipei is called " Taipei home of Christ".