English speaking driving instructor in/near Taoyuan

I am referring to driving a car (just in case there may be any confusion…ha ha).

Years ago my driver’s licence from back home expired and I want to get my licence again.

My plan (if possible) is to get an international licence that will allow me to start driving immediately (when I eventually move back to my country).

Just one of those things that it is better to take care of sooner rather than later.


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What else would you be referring to? A horse?

You will get a Taiwanese licence. But if needed you can order an international driving permit ( IDP) that is normally valid one-two years depending on what version required for the country you are visiting.

When you move back to your country permanently you need to switch your Taiwanese license for the local one. Make sure they accept the Taiwanese licence before you start your process.

I think you should ask how many Chinese words you need to know before your driving lesson begins.