English-speaking driving instructors

Does anybody know of any english-speaking driving instructors in Taipei? I’ve looked on the sticky at the top, but it doesn’t say.
I’m not that interested in taking the test, I just want to get some practice in driving, because um I can’t drive :blush: , and my Chinese
is rubbish :blush: :blush:

Thanks in advance.

have any friends who can drive and have a car? probably your best option. driving instructors here (for the most part) can teach you how to back up in a figure eight without hitting the curb.

if your looking to pass the test here, the local instructor will probably help. but if you’re looking to learn how to really drive, see if anyone you know has taken a safe driving course abroad and is willing/able to help you out.

+1… some of the driving instructors here are some of the worst drivers I’ve seen…

getting a friend to teach you would be much better… just do it in a safe environment so you don’t end up in an accident and in bigger trouble than you want~

According to law (but of course, no one cares) one can get a learners license and go practice with another license carrying person in certain roads of the cities.

I got my driver license here and my wife went with me 3 times to the school - first day, first class and exam day. My instructor almost didn’t speak a work English, but he had a fair knowledge of the Japanese terms - like kelutch, setope, go, and a whole lot of hand gestures (my chinese is limited to bepeme, and a few other things, so it was funny). We even went outside the school after I demanded a real class (the chart says you should have classes outside the school, these days).

Either than that, they guarantee you to pass, so what are you worrying about? Just remember all the questions in the written part (I had a 97.5 because there was a strange English question), and then did half the test without the examiner even being there (he just went inside my car (examiner=instructor) before the rail road crossing…

I have to say that because wifey has driver license, it was easy for me to get experience (as no one ever controls anything) just going with her doing shopping and whatever she needed. Now, I am a danger on the street, aka as Taiwan Driving License holder…