English speaking eye doctors


I’ve been looking around for an eye doctor who speaks English in Taipei and who accepts patients on Taiwan’s health insurance. There’s one place in Shilin a friend recommended (http://www.skh.org.tw/), but if anyone has some other recommendations it would help greatly.

I know about Taipei Eye Clinic but. unfortunately. it appears they don’t take Taiwan’s NHS. I thought NTU Hospital might be worth a shot since I already go there for something else.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Dr. Wang Lun-Yi, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Taiwan Adventist Hospital

He examined me for cataracts and high intraocular pressure, and performed cataract surgery on me, which has been an amazing success. I will have my other eye done later this year.

He speaks excellent English, and of course, the hospital takes NHI.


Most of the doctors at the major hospitals will speak English, at least enough for that, and they all take NHI, though some things may be what they call ‘self-pay’. They’ll tell you in advance if there’s anything the insurance won’t cover.