English speaking preschool/playgroups/fun classes for toddlers in Taichung?

My husband and I are moving to taichung for an indefinite number of years and we have a toddler that will be 2.5 when we move. I am canadian but ethically chinese and my husband is Taiwanese. This move is obviously not something I want to do because I have tried living in the country for a little over a year before we were married and I hated it. But circumstances are that we have to go back and I have no choice. I do speak mandarin but my reading and writing skills are very poor. We mainly speak English with my son and my husband and I speak in both English and mandarin at home.

I am freaking out about my son’s education as I was educated in Canada and have absolutely no knowledge of what an education in Taiwan would be like. I’d like my son to be educated in English or in both mandarin and English with English being the main language. I have no idea where to start looking/researching possible schools or classes? I was hoping to enroll my son in a half day montesorri program in Canada at 2.5. Are there similar programs in Taiwan that are taught in English?

Here at home in Canada, my son regularly goes to fun classes at the library, is a member of a kinder gym and playgroup, and we do parent and tot swim as well. He loves these activities and we have a nice group of moms and babies that we regularly hang out with. I have no idea where to begin to look for other moms with English speaking kids. I don’t want him to be deprived of social experiences and all the things I grew up with.

I am obviously a very concerned and sad mom panicking about a very foreign place that we will soon be faced with living in.

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!!


I hope you are having more luck than this thread would suggest. My Taiwanese wife and I moved to Taichung a few years ago. My mother tongue is English but I converse with my wife in Potunghua. I wouldn’t say I am fluent, but I am getting there.

We have two kids, a 14 month old daughter and a 1 month old son. We have just started looking for playgroups and other activities for our daughter and will post any thing we find here.

Don’t despair! While Taichung is a depressingly ugly city to live in, the weather is great and it is easy to head to the mountains and the rest of the island. The city also has many interesting places if you know where to look. It’s easy to believe that Taiwan is hell on earth if you spend enough time on this forum and I would suggest you focus on the positives and what this island can offer you and not what it cannot.

Good luck!